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Ryan F.........

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Morris Jones, and
Ryan Franicevic Motion Prezi Motion Reference point Speed Instantaneous speed An object is in motion if its distance from another object is changing. A reference point is a place or object used for comparison to determine if something is in motion. Speed is Distance/Time Instantaneous speed is the speed you are at in that moment. The difference between instantaneous speed and average speed is that instantaneous speed is its the current speed during one time while average speed is the total speed over time and what the normal speed was over that time. Average speed how to calculate the Average speed is divide the total distance traveled by the total time.
Average speed is the overall rate of speed at which an object moves. Velocity Velocity is the speed in a direction.The difference between velocity and speed is that velocity is a direction and speed is how you are moving.
Acceleration The rate at witch velocity changes.
acceleration refers to increasing speed, decreasing speed, or changing direction.
increasing speed is whenever an objects speed increases or when it speeds up.
Decreasing speed is sometimes called deceleration and its when something slows down faster than normal.
Changing direction can be a change in acceleration and direction. Formula The speed of an object is the distance the object travels per unit. Acceleration = Final Speed - Initial Speed Time Slope As you can see the graph next to me shows a slope. This slope graph is showing how something is increasing and not decrecing. A slope is the steepness of a line on a graph, equal to its vertical change divided by its horizontal change. In the video you are about to watch it is showing a football player in Motion, Acceleration and speed and velocity. The velocity is towards the end-zone. He is using speed to get away from the defender. Also he is in motion because he is moving.
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