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French and Indian War

Overview with maps

Daniel Carver

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of French and Indian War

French and Indian War Before the war started, both Britain
Franch claimed land in North America. Don't forget Spain, they were here too! As more and more people came
to the colonies, they began to
expand where they lived and
moved further and further west.
What's the problem? This did not make the French
or the Native Americans very
happy. The problem was there were
already people here, the Native
Americans. The colonists
were moving in and forcing them to move out. France saw that more
English colonists were moving
into land that had been claimed by the French for their citizens. WAR! Britain said they claimed
the Ohio River Valley and
France needed to leave. Native American tribes
would attack colonial
settlers. France said no.
Britain needed to
leave. Britain did not like this idea.
The fight is on. The French got the Native American tribes to be on their side. For two years they fought and France seemed to be winning. But Britain decided
to send more troops to settle the matter. This turned the war in Britain's favor.
After 5 more years they finally won. Britain has some issues to figure out. Britain Wins!!!!! You just gained a bunch of territory! What could go wrong? GB just won a war. Was there a cost? Yeah there was! GB had to pay for the soldiers, their crossing the Atlantic, their food, their ammunition, etc, etc, etc. War is expensive! Lots can go wrong! GB needs to keep soldiers in the territory so Native Americans won't attack settlers and so France won't try and take the territory back. It's going to cost some money! Who does the victory benefit? A person living in England or a person living in the colonies? So if you've got to pay for the troops and supplies that helped win the war... And you've got to pay for the troops and supplies to protect your victory... And the people who benefit from the victory and from your troops staying in the area are the colonists... Who should pay for the war and the protection?
British citizens or American Colonists? Colonists! Of course! Except for one thing... Isn't the responsibility of a mother country is to protect her citizens? And colonists don't have a vote in Parliament and on what kinds of taxes are being made. Is that fair? If the colonists are going to help pay for the French and Indian War, shouldn't they have a say in how the money is being collected and spent? But... Looks like...
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