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Awards Night planning presentation

No description

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Awards Night planning presentation

Kick Off 2013 Awards Night event
planning presentation Overview Awards Night
theme elements Awards/prizes Promotional ideas Staff participation Budget allocation Focus on premium event
All the bells and whistles
'Awards night' theme
Different name for event Red carpet
Filming of guests as they arrive and replay edited footage after intermission
Possible 'pseudo-celebrity' interviews
Pseudo-celebrities as presenters?
New name to brand the event
Award/gift for every staff member Everyone should receive a gift/award Gamification
Potential for different games with awards night theme
TK costume game could still be a go if we theme the costumes as movie characters
Quote received: $65 discounted price for hire of more than 2 costumes (if we hire 5) We could hire some film-star costumes and dress selected staff members up in the costumes for a photo shoot
The photos could be used as promotional material for the event to build interest
Other promotional material could include the announcement of some of the prizes at the event I would stick with the same structure: by Strategy outcome
Single screen layout on stage
Less focus on video presentations
Can still do four presenters Venue (incl. catering): $12,700
(deposit already paid)
MC: $4,400
Haycom: $25,100
Keynote: $13,000 (maximum)
Prizes and gifts: $9,000
Costume hire: $400
Video production: $9,000
Bus: $350
FBT: $2,000
Miscellaneous expenses: $1,000 To celebrate the achievements of the 2013 Strategy To provide staff with a sense of pride about what they have achieved The event can function as a morale-booster for the whole organisation Kick Off 2013 will be 'the people's event' where there will be more members of staff represented than members of the Executive Team To establish a positive mindset for the beginning
of the 2020 Strategy To provide an opportunity where all staff can have fun and really enjoy the event To maximise engagement at the event through staff involvement, gamification and interactivity Structure Running sheet Branding Awards and Trophies website sells this trophy at 37% discount for orders over 250
Priced at $9.90 per trophy
Engraving is free
We can include a company logo on the engraving at no cost
The trophy is roughly 20cm tall
Total price for 550 trophies = $5,445 Celebrate 2013
The Strategy Party
The Waters
The Yarras
The 2013 Soscars
(The 2013 Strategy Organisational Skills, Competencies, Achievements and Recognition Soiree)
The Yoscars (Kylie mentioned this has already been done once)
The Yogies T-shirts Trophies Most websites price individual shirts at $20-40
Bulk discounts on some sites offer shirts for $6-7 each with printing
Bulk discount quotes would total around $6000 for 550 shirts
Crucial question: would anyone wear them?/are they a good prize? Wine A bottle of sparkling wine or non-alcoholic wine for all employees
We can get bottles for about $10-12 per bottle
That would bring the total cost for the bottles to about $6000
Other things to consider are decorating the bottles (could be as simple as cellophane) and attaching a little card with a message.
These will bring additional costs for those materials: cellophane $320 approx. from Officeworks, business cards $50 approx from Vistaprint. 1:00pm - MC opens event and introduces ongoing costume game. Plays a game to break the ice.
1:15pm - First presentation: Customer. Four presenters, various achievements presented. A 3-5 minute video montage closes each presentation. MC then briefly and comically highlights one of the achievements with the presenters.
1:30pm - MC concludes first presentation and asks first quiz question, awards first prize.
1:40pm - Second presentation: Efficiency.
1:55pm - MC concludes second presentation and asks next quiz question, awards next prize.
2:05pm - Keynote speech.
2:30pm - Intermission. Some canapés served. 2:45pm - MC restarts event and reminds people about the ongoing costume game.
2:50pm - Third presentation: Culture.
3:05pm - MC concludes third presentation and asks next quiz question, awards prize.
3:15pm - Fourth presentation: Efficiency.
3:30pm - MC concludes fourth presentation, asks next question and awards prize.
3:35pm - Speech by Chairman of the Board.
3:40pm - MC reveals the costume that wins the costume game and Tony enters dressed in the costume, gives speech about the achievements throughout the 2013 Strategy.
3:50pm - EOTY, TOTY, and SCOTY R&R awards presented by Tony (or staff).
4:00pm - All staff congratulated and individual tokens distributed.
4:05pm - MC concludes event. Trailer competition We could run a competition where each Group makes a trailer about what they do and run it at the event
A three-minute trailer would fit in well with the awards-night theme Quiz prizes Four prizes for four quiz questions relating to achievements in the 2013 Strategy
Degustation dinner for two at Vue de Monde: $500
Hot Air Balloon ride over the Yarra Valley for two with breakfast: $630 approx.
Three hour full-body massage at Endota spa: $300
16Gb Apple iPad Mini: $366 FBT Confirmed that Food & Beverage Tax will apply for this event because it is an offsite social/entertainment event.
Itemised invoice from The Grand shows food and beverage charge totalling $1,600
FBT on that will be exactly the same $1,600
Also confirmed 'nibblies' (nuts, chips, dips etc.) will incur FBT too because of the nature of the event
Rough budget of $400 to cover nibblies cost
Confirmed that sparkling wine prizes won't incur the FBT so long as the per-head price of each gift is less than $20 Total maximum budget:
$77,950 Text
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