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William Shakespeare

No description

Mikayla O

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of William Shakespeare

No birth records exist for Shakespeare.
Almost no records exist regarding Shakespeare’s education.
It's assumed that he attended the King’s New School, which taught reading, writing and the classics.
On November 28, 1582 William married Anne Hathaway - they had 3 kids.
For Seven years after the birth of the twins, there were no records that existed of William Shakespeare’s life. Scholars refer to this period as the “lost years”.
Although known widely around the world, the personal life of William Shakespeare is somewhat a mystery. There are only two primary sources that provide basic details of Shakespeare’s life. The first source is his work - his plays, sonnets, and poems. The second source are official documentations from court and church records.
Shakespeare's Biography
Critique of Anonymous
William Shakespeare - a fraud?

Shakespeare's Controversial Identity
150 years after his death, many started to question the authorship of Shakespeare's work.
Most of the controversy stemmed from the minimal detail known about Shakespeare's life
Shakespearean scholars have found that other playwrights of the time also have very few records
What seems to be true is that Shakespeare was a respected man of the dramatic arts who wrote plays and even acted in some in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.
Francis Bacon
Sir Francis Bacon, philosopher, essayist, and scientist wrote many plays that were publicly attributed to William Shakespeare.
Bacon was the first candidate suggested as the true author of Shakespeare’s plays.
The Baconian theory gained great popularity in the late 19th and early 20th century
Many believe that Bacon's rise to high office may have been hindered if it were known that he wrote plays for the public stage.
A Fraud?
True Genius?
William Shakespeare
Christopher Marlowe
Edward de Vere
By: Mikayla Ogrodniczuk and Claire Cole
Both William and Edward shared the similarities of:
Both became aspiring poets who used literature to describe their emotions and thoughts.
Each man was shamed for writing poetry.
Poetry was their way of connecting with themselves.
Both were able to connect with humans by use of
strategically placed words.
Two great names: William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe -- names with so much in common
These two men supposedly:
Lived in the same town: London at the same time
Worked at the same occupation: writing plays
At the same places: the few theaters of London
Worked with the same people
Each occupied the same prestigious position as foremost poet and playwright in all of England.

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