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Bad Girls Don't Die

No description

madelyn reignier

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Bad Girls Don't Die

Bad Girls Don't Die
Written by: Katie Alender
Prezi created by: Madelyn Reignier
what makes my book a horror story

My book is a horror because it has an evil possessed doll in it that takes over the mind of the main character's sister.
Minor Characters: Kasey, Megan,and Carter.
Major Character: Alexis
Setting: In Surrey, at daytime
Favorite Passage:
My favorite passage is when Megan and Alexis join the two half of the charm and the force of Megan's mom's energy comes out and helps them fight the evil spirit pg. 332, i chose it b/c I was waiting for the mom's spirit to come and help.
The Setting of the Story
If you like evil spirits or other supernatural things you will like this book.
I personally liked this book because i like supernatural things like possessed beings or things and I liked the main character a lot.
This book reminds me of when i went to this museum this summer where it had one section full of all freaky dolls... There were about six that were as tall as me! It was extremely freaky.
Book Review
Plot Description
Alexis's younger sister, Kasey, has this weird collection of dolls and it started when they 1st moved in and when Alexis tells her a story about their house, its almost as if someone else is speaking for her. After Alexis told her the story, Kasey starts to act weird and do weird things. Kasey even broke her best friend, Mimi's arm when she went to touch one. It soon starts to get worse and worse as the story progresses.
The major character, Alexis, has dyed pink hair and is in her second year of high school, sophomore, she has blue eyes and is always trying to get out of class. she is a bad girl and loves photography.
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