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Marisa Kluth

on 28 February 2018

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Transcript of RtI PLC

RtI Staff Binder
We put together a user friendly RtI binder of tools and the process to guide our entire ES staff on RtI in our building.
Universal Screening
and Progress Monitoring
The RtI team was trained on implementing AIMS Web, which was piloted with 2nd and 3rd grade. Data from AIMS Web has been used to identify students for WIT. In '14-'15 all students will participate in AIMS Web in some way.
Professional Development
We led a PD day and rolled out the binder to staff. Each grade level has an RtI representative.
Tier 1
We investigated Tier 1, best practices, and universal instruction. We looked at various resources that would provide support at this level.
Guided Reading
Staff reviewed best practices in running intensive guided reading groups. Staff were given handouts, saw a video, and were given Q/A time. This led to some great discussion and conversations between grade levels and teaching staff. New guidelines for F&P were presented and discussed.
We discussed a way to make resources available to all staff at the Tier 1 level. We started with a small area in the lounge and hope to add to the file cabinets in the future.
Thank you!
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