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John Prezi

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Your Prezis

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of John Prezi

Separate elements
Annual Meeting September 2016
Some Numbers

CHS South Tower
Project in Review
Project Objectives:
2016: $12,000,000
2017: $4,000,000
2017 Probable Revenue
$3.0 - $4.0M
2017 - 2018 Major Projects
(6) Six months to make and deliver:
(302) Evo 2 benches - (13) trucks
$1,000,000 Mobile add-a-drawer cabinets
How did we do?
"The UCLA project has gone great with your team"

"Joe has been very proactive and extremely easy to work with"

"The shipments all went off on schedule ..."

"Annette did a great job of packing the trucks and we really haven’t had any damage to speak of to date"

"...the UCLA staff is extremely happy and complimentary of your product. As is Dow"

"OC River should be very proud of the finished product and the tight schedule they were able to manage"

"It’s been a pleasure working with you guys on the project"

Greg Adams

UCLA Phase 2
Towson University
University Connecticut Gant Hall
Florida State IRCB
Horace Mann Academy
Rutgers CAB 7th floor
Buffalo Univ Cooke / Hochstetter
Predatory pricing
Shift in market breakdown - metal versus wood
Euro design influence
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