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Jackie Robinson!

No description

Dave McPherson

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Jackie Robinson!

Jackie Robinson!!

by: Colin Wade (me)

The Start
Born: January 31, 1919.
Where: Cairo Georgia (GA)
He was born to a family of sharecroppers. His mother, Mallie Robinson, raised Jackie and her three other children.
His Life... Before Baseball
In a single-parent family, Jackie succeeded in many sports. At UCLA, he became the first athlete to win varsity letters in five sports: baseball, basketball, football, track, and tennis. He got married to his wife, Rachel Robinson, and had three children, Jackie Jr., Sharon, and David. In 1941, he was named to the All-American football team. Due to financial difficulties, he was forced to leave college and eventually would enlist to the U.S. Army. After two years there, he progressed to second lieutenant. Unfortunately, he was cut short in his army career because objections with incidents of racial discrimination. In the end, Jackie left the Army with an honorable discharge.
Civil Rights
Jackie Robinson played on 3 teams in his career: the Kansas City Monarchs, the Montreal Royals, and the Brooklyn Dodgers. People all over the United States loved him but some were not a big fan. As the first major league team to play a black man since the 1880's, the Dodgers ended racial segregation that had relegated black players to the Negro leagues for six decades. Jackie broke the "color barrier" when the Dodgers started him at first base on April 15, 1947.
The End
Jackie eldest son, Jackie Jr., had trouble during his childhood and had special education at an early age. He struggled with drug problems and went to a treatment program called Daytop Village in Seymour, Connecticut. On June 17, 1971, at the age of 24, Jackie Jr. was killed in an automobile accident. Jackie Robinson lived 1 year after his son. Complications of heart disease and diabetes weakened him and almost made him blind by his middle age. On October 24, 1972, at age 53, Jackie died of a heart attack at his home in North Stamford, Connecticut. After his death, an organization called the Jackie Robinson Foundation opened a museum devoted to him in Manhattan. It was opened in 2010.
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