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The Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado 1989

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Marilyn Williams

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of The Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado 1989

Damage: Part 1
Over 1,300 people died
Over 12,000 were injured
Over 80,000 people were homeless
The main reason on why many people died during this tornado was because they did not own shelters that had stable foundations. The wind speeds of the Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado were over the charts. Thus, made many deaths occur because of either debris or unstable houses.
Images (During)
Damage: Part 2
Uprooted trees
Destroyed thousands of crops
Over 153 villages were destroyed
No sign of infrastructure left standing
The tornado was very destructive and strong, that skeletons were left on the trees
Produced 900 million dollars
Images (After)
Images (Before)
The Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado 1989
The Worst Tornado in History: The Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado
On April 26, 1989, the worst tornado ever recorded occurred: the Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado. This horrible tornado began right in Manikganj District, which is in Bangladesh. It began in Daulatpur, however then traveled 50 miles northeast to Saturia! The most affected area was Bangladesh (Dhaka, Daulatpur, Saturia). Many people had died, received injuries, or became homeless, which made it devastating. Because this was a very poor country, the aftermath of this tornado was horrific. No infrastructure was left standing. Compared to other storms that happened in Bangladesh, this was the costliest, deadliest, most devastating tornado in Bangladesh history!
April 26, 1989

By: Marilyn Williams
The Worst Tornado in History:
Disaster Mitigation
Bahliati Palace, Saturia
Saturia Upazila Parishad Gate
Daulat pur Dhadda
In Bangladesh, this specific tornado produced 900 million dollars in damage. If this tornado went through a similar populated city in the United States, the damage of that tornado will be $2.5 billion-$3.2 billion.
From research, Bangladesh is not going to do anything to prevent tornadoes. Basically, there is nothing that these people can do to prevent it from coming. This country does not own equipment to measure the magnitude of the tornado or know when its arriving. Bangladesh is living in poverty, so there is no money to make their houses stronger (have better stability, foundation), have an evacuation outlet, etc.
From all these casualties, this is why the Daulaptur-Saturia Tornado was titled the deadliest tornado.
How Devastating Was This Tornado?
Why So Many Deaths?
However, in the U.S, which is not living in poverty, many people have inserted safe rooms or storm cellars within their homes. Tornado prevention organizations, has made lists for what to do when a tornado arrives. For example, head to your basement or places that doesn't have any windows. Also, tornado sirens go off when a tornado is heading there way. Additionally, the U.S is considering building walls to stop tornadoes from entering.
This horrific tornado, was so devastating because of the aftermath and the causalities. The Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado destroyed everything in its path with ease because of the fact that the houses were poorly built. The winds of this tornado were 180-350 kilometers per hour, which sometimes led to skeletons on trees. Additionally, thousands of people became either injured, dead, or homeless. Also, this tornado had a width of 1.5 miles, which definitely destroyed many homes, people, trees, etc.
Comparing this to the U.S-How Costly Was This Tornado?
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