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Alexander Graham Bell

No description

Vanessa Gasmen

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Alexander Graham Bell

-Alexander Graham Bell was born on March,3,1847.

-He was born in Scotland. He is known for his famous inventions.

-In this presentation we will talk about the
impacts his inventions had on children,
families, elderly, and the labour force.
The Telephone
-One of Bell's greatest invention is the telephone.

-He basically changed the world with his invention.
The first ever conversation with use of the telephone was on March 10th 1876. Since that day the telephone made it possible for conversations to happen everywhere in the world.

-In our presentation we will focus on the impact
the telephone had on people.

The Labour Force
Telephones made it easier for businesses to communicate with each other
It cut down on the amount of time it took to send messages to another business.
The telephone has made it possible for businesses to be located almost anywhere in the world.
In the 21st century the telephone has created many jobs, which is a very big impact to the labour force.
*Made communicating easier from long distance Made cheaper so that everyone in the family could afford to use it.
*Gave people the ability to text, play games and listen to music.
*The phone card gave families a cheaper way to talk to relative in different countries.
*Made parents aware that their children could call if in danger.
The teleph━ne has impacted the elderly greatly. When the elderly talk to kids about how they didn't have the telephone in their days and how they had to go over to the person and actually talk to the face to face. But when the telephone was invented the elderly still haven't use it. Now the elderly have telephones but it's usually what our generation calls 'old'.
When Bell invented the telephone he lived in a certain society. When the telephone came out for people to use and buy, it was made of material that was expensive and only the rich were able to buy it. Bell didn't want only rich people to own his invention he wanted make the telephone out of other materials so that a family that is poor could afford the telephone as well. Finally Bell was able to make the telephone affordable for poor families and that only grew the impact of the telephone. Now it's all over the world used for many things besides talking.
The 21st Century
The telephone has evolve over time.
People have turned the telephone into a invention that people of today can use not only for talking but for other miscellaneous uses.
As time went on the cellphone was made, now we have phones like the iPhone and the Smartphone.
Alexander Graham Bell
By: Araf, Desirion, Sarah, Vanessa
-The telephone has greatly impacted children.

-In the 1850s children didn't really use the telephone unless necessary. The telephone was made to improve the business industry and make more money. Children weren't expected to use a telephone until they had a job that required one. But as time went on children we're allowed to use the telephone and clearly we can see that children use phones more frequently.

- Children today use the telephone not for just talking, they use it for gaming, listening to music and much more. It just shows how much the telephone changed children's lives.
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