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Andean Bear

No description

James Everson

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Andean Bear

-At birth the Andean bear has its "spectacles"
-When born the bear weighs 10 to 18 ounces
-At age 4 it is considered adult
-The male weighs 340 lbs and the female weighs 180 lbs
Andean Bear Fun Facts!
-The Andean Bear only has 13 pairs of ribs which is 1 less than other bears.
- Andean Bears make noises similar to birds.
-The Andean Bear is considered an adult at age 4!
-Andean Bears build platforms out of sticks inside a tree for them to sleep in.
-The Andean bear is the only bear in South America.

Fun Fact:
-The Andean bear eats so much fruit that the bear excretes the seed which helps the forest grow!
-The Andean bear does not hibernate because food is available for them year-round
-plants -fruits -5% meat

-Squeals, grunts,chirps which is un-bear-like
-Also purrs & screeches

-Andean bears are pregnant for 160 to 255 days
-Mating months-April to June
-Andean bears are together for 1 to 2 weeks
-Mates between ages 5 to 7
-The Andean Bear is also known as the Spectacled bear
-The whitish/cream color fur around the eyes look like spectacles
-Each bear has a different pattern of "spectacles", like a human fingerprint
By:Madison Everson
Andean Bear
- Lives in moist, humid forests
- Lives only in South America
- Is threatened and is hunted for its fur/skin and meat
-The Andean Bear is the only bear in South America
-At 42 days old the cubs open their eyes
-The mother bear takes them out of the den when they are about 3 months old
-The cubs go off on their own around age 1
-Each cub weighs between 10 to 18 oz.
-Cubs are born between November and April
-The Andean Bear doesn't travel in a group, unless it is a family
-A family usually consists of a mother and 1 to 3 cubs
-Each female usually only has 1 to 3 cubs
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