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No description

Alex Cummins

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Tarpon

Tarpon In 1847 The tarpon was classified
in the genus Megolops which means
"Large eyed" in Greek. The full
scientific name is Megalops Alanticus. Tarpon live along both sides of the atlantic
but mainly the west side. These fish are much
more common in warm tropical waters but can
be found all the way up to Nova Scotia. Juvenile Tarpon mainly eat small fish, insects,
and zooplankton. Adult Tarpon's diet consist mainly of pinfish, mullet, crabs, and are completely
carnivorous. Tarpon have very silver sides with
large scales. These fish also have a
superior mouth which opens up and
sucks in food since no teeth are in
the mouth. Tarpon provide few people food since it is illegal to commercially sell Tarpon in Florida. These fish are mainly a huge industry for fishing charters. Without special permission these fish cannot be kept and are mainly released. Tarpon reach sexual maturity at about
6-7 years of age and can lay millions of
eggs at a time. These fish migrate many
miles offshore to lay eggs which then drift
inshore. - Tarpon can grow up to 8 feet long
and weigh almost 300 pounds

- Tarpon have a modified swim bladder
that allows them to breath oxygen from
the air which mean tarpon can live in
water with little oxygen and even fresh
water - Tarpon can have a life span of over 60

- Tarpon are also know as "The silver king"
by anglers because of how difficult they are
to catch and the color when they leap out of
the water. Test Question
What is a nickname for Tarpon?
Silver Kings Bibliography
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