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Images of Masculinity in the Media

No description

Stephanie Fillion

on 30 May 2012

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Transcript of Images of Masculinity in the Media

Images of Masculinity in the Media Alpha Male strong silent type
action hero
in control of emotions Beta Male incapable of anything
tends to fail
rarely tries to be successful
manages to survive through luck or a capable wife or mother How do these
stereotypes affect
young boys? The alpha male sends the message
that strength and power are the key to
masculinity and the answer to life's trials. The beta male gives boys another
character to grow into--the likable slacker. What is not acceptable is being emotional,
compassionate, family-oriented, sensitive,
or compromising.

How is this affecting young boys? Is violent masculinity
a cultural norm? Judging by the statistics,
it seems that men are
responsible for most violent
crimes, but is this really the
media's fault or are there
other factors? What role did he say that women
can play in helping to decrease male
violence? Do you agree? Speaking of changing
institutions...let's look
at Disney's view of
masculinity... This video brings up
some interesting points.
Do you agree or do you
think they're only using
evidence to back up their
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