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Victoria Rode Bager

on 22 March 2013

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Incorporating CSR Strategically into Saxo Bank's Core Business Intangible Resources Innovation Human Capital Reputation Culture Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Corporate Financial Performance CFP Communication Practice Political Practice Political Practice Management Function Communicative Practice Political Practice Goal Strategy Limitations &
Dysfunctional Dynamics Strategy Limitations & Dysfunctional Dynamics Goal Strategy Goal Management Function Employee Participation & Association. New Political Role of Corporations ESG-Report Complying with Report Perspectives of
Business Engagement Overall Recommendation Strategy Goal Financial Performance
& Shared Value Overall Strategy of Recommendation Limitations & Dysfunctional
Dynamics External Stakeholders Civil Society Government Shareholders CSR - CFP Model (Crane & Matten, 2010) Employees Internal stakeholders The Financial Crisis
2007-2008 How do Saxo Bank adapt to a changing context? Two-way Direct Communication Social Reach Through Traditional Media Trust & Reputation SRI Strategy Saxonians ESG Long-term Commitment Media and Saxo Bank The 3 Business Engagements encountering CSR initiatives contributes to "Overall Goal" Bonus investments & SRI Community Involvement Conflicts of Interests Participation & Beliefs 8th Virtue: "Shared Value" Microfinance Employee Identification & Attractiveness. Bonus Investment Opportunities 8th value "Shared Value" Saxo’s Perception of CSR Incorporation of Shared Value Limitations & Dysfunctional Dynamics
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