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Virtual Build

No description

Mrs Evans

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Virtual Build

Who is the machine for?
A PC Gamer
Intel Core i3 - Dual core 3.4GHz
MSI Z87 G55 Motherboard
NVIDIA GTX 770 graphics card
23 inch monitor
With Windows 7, gaming peripherals, all wrapped up in a snazzy case.

Total cost = £1133.46
Virtual Build
A fast Graphics card and hard disk. CPU speed and storage space are not as important.
Aerocool X-Predator X3 'Avenger Edition'
£83.96 inc VAT

Full Tower case - lots of room for large graphics cards and good airflow for efficient cooling
Side window, allowing for lighting mods
Built-in fan controller, allowing the user to slow the fans down when not gaming to keep the machine quiet
No PSU - needs to be purchased separately.
MSI Z87-G55
Graphics Card
MSI GeForce GTX 770 Gaming Edition - 2GB
Hard Drive
Crucial 480GB M500 Solid State Drive (SSD)
Corsair Memory Vengeance Black 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz
iiyama 23" ProLite XB2380HS-B1
Other Hardware
£79.98 inc VAT.

Dual-core (a quad core 3.4GHz i5 would cost £161, but would show very little improvement in games).
Comes with an Intel cooler, no need to buy another.
Socket 1150 - so the motherboard should match this.
Intel Core i3 4130 - 3.4GHz Dual Core
£91.04 inc VAT

Has three graphics card slots with NVIDIA SLI & AMD CrossFire Support (allowing the use of more than one graphics card at once for more performance)
Supports 6 hard disks
Up to 32GB of memory
Built-in audio and network cards
Socket 1150, so compatible with the Processor
£238.52 inc VAT

2GB of video RAM (allowing for higher quality textures, and for more anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering to be used - these smooth jagged edges and increase image quality).
Overclocked - faster than a standard GTX 770
Supports SLi (allowing you to buy a second GTX 770 at a later date to double video performance.
2 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 Display Port
Approximately 96% faster than the GPU in the XBOX One

Solid state (no spinning disks)
Almost instantaneous access times compared to conventional hard disks. Much better suited to a PC Gamer than a slower mechanical hard dive which could cause occasional lag, despite the much higher cost per GB, no loading times would be worth it.
Could also get more storage space by using a smaller 256GB SSD (~£80) and a large cheap standard disk for documents (~£80 for 3TB)

Two 4GB sticks giving 8GB overall - more than enough for a PC gamer (PC games rarely use more than a few gigabytes of RAM while running, with most of the work being done by the graphics card).
Heatspreaders help with overclocking, and look cool through the window in the case!
£157.68 inc VAT

Height/Tilt/Swivel Adjustable
5ms response time (a low number here helps to reduce ghosting and other artifacts caused by screen lag
IPS panel will give good viewing angles
23 inches, so a good size for gaming at a desktop.
Power Supply
Mionix NAOS 7000 Gaming Mouse
Sharkoon SKILLER Gaming Keyboard
Case fans
Noctua NF-F12 120mm
Be quiet! L8 630W/CM BN182

Efficient (over 80%)
Modular - un-needed cables can be removed for neatness.
Capable of stably powering the components

7 fully programmable buttons (can be assigned to any key, mouse command or macro, to make certain in-game actions much easier/faster)
Highly accurate 7000 dpi sensor
20 additional multimedia keys
8 swappable gaming keys
Additional customization software
£16.94 each (x2 front and rear of case)
High airflow
Low noise
Steam Client - Free
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - £70.44
The one stop shop for the majority of PC games, with prices generally under that of the console versions of the game.
You wouldn't be able to run any Windows software without, well,

The majority of PC games are written for Windows (compared to Mac OSX and Linux)
Virus Scanner
- AVG and AVAST are both free for personal use.

- LibreOffice or OpenOffice are both free, and would save our gamer potentially a few hundred pounds over Microsoft Office - which could be the cost of a dozen big budget games.

All other software, such as photo editors, audio editors, chat clients, CD writing software and video players, can be freely downloaded, so would not affect the cost of the build.
Other bits and bobs
Optical drive. ~£15
Cold cathode and LED lights for the case - no purpose, they just look fun!
Gamepad / Joystick / Steering wheel - any of these might be wanted, depending on the games that will be played. The cost of these extras will be omitted from the total at the end as they depend on the specific gamer being targeted.
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