The Internet belongs to everyone. Let’s keep it that way.

Protect Net Neutrality
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No description

Maeve McBride

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of 350VT

Field organizers
Support staff
Office help
Resolution leaders
Leadership council
Crowd funders
Donors 175-> 500+
google groups
"the list" -doubled!
facebook +1000
twitter 1500 distribution
media +++

Kathy Bloom, Rachel Cairns, Patrick Flood,
Arthur Hynes, Mikayla McDonald, Carly Schwer,
David stember, Brian Tokar
the HUB
Maeve McBride, operations coordinator
Emily Tompkins, operations assistant
Valerie Costa, fundraising consultant
Nora Stoelting, intern
Tar Sands FREE VT
Jade Walker, campaign organizer
Divest VT
Sonya Krakoff, Divestment Field Organizer
Aly Johnson-Kurts, State Pension Divestment Field Organizer
Transportation for Livable Communities
Emily Tompkins, Bike challenge
Carly Schwer, VT transportation FB
Climate Cabaret
Linda Patterson, Co-founder & producer
Kathy Bloom, Co-founder
Nora Stoelting, intern
Fossil Fuel Freedom
Mikayla McDonald, Climate Policy Advocate
Brian Tokar, Patrick Flood, policy working group

so, what happened?
who makes this possible?
how does this work?
c o a l i t i o n f u n d s : Sierra Club Tar Sands Northeast
g r a n t s: Resist Patagonia
s p o n s o r s h i p s: Ben & Jerry's National Life Skirack Outdoor Gear Exchange 7th Generation Champlain Valley UU Society City Market
d o n a t i o n s:
m o n t h l y s u s t a i n e r s: our biggest fans
Tar Sands Free VT
d i V e s T V T
350VT is a network
Emergency Sandy Rally
Climate Cabaret
tar sands walk
year-end appeal gifts in-kind
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