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In-N-Out Burger

No description

Rima Butto

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of In-N-Out Burger

Our goal is to effectively integrate In-N-Out Burger into the UK as an affordable and quality food product to the B-C1 demographic.
As London is an essential part of European culture, we see it as an effective launching point for In-N-Out to expand to other European markets.

In-N-Out History
Why London?
Target Audience
Communication Plan: UK Launch
Rima Butto, Dylan Cooke, Becca Fox, Alex Gandle, Jenna Greenfield, Lauren Madden, Lianne Wong
Promotional Message
Current Belief: In-N-Out is an American West Coast brand. Don’t know why it’s great, but know Americans love it.
Driving Brand Idea: In-N-Out is a quality, traditional eatery that is worth going back to.
Media and Costings
Tube Advertisements - Stair, Lift, Corridor and Elevator
7 months total, 5 panels in 7 stations
Total cost: £7,560
Outdoor LED Billboards- Sensory advertisements
7 months total, 3 billboards
Total cost: £108,000

June 2014- June 2015
June 1-August 31:
First advertisements go up
September 1-November 30:
Launch of social media campaign
Every third week of these three months we will introduce pop-up shop for 3 days
December 15-January 15:
Pop-up shops every weekend during this time due to holiday shopping; holiday shakes
February 1st-May 31st:
Final ads explaining location and introduction of the first In-N-Out restaurant
June 1st:
First In-N-Out restaurant opens in London.
Pop-Up Shop Expansion
After first round of weekday pop-up shops (3rd week of each month for 3 days), weekend pop-ups during entire holiday season (maximum free time & disposable income)
Introduction of signature holiday milkshakes: Eggnog, Gingerbread, Peppermint
Post-holiday: Resume out-of-home ads with location info to build anticipation and brand awareness for first In-N-Out restaurant
Combination of social media promotion and out-of-home advertisements to gain fan base .
Quality food for quality people
Social Media:
Phase 1: @InNoutUK at London Fashion Week
In-N-Out caters afterparty for up-and-coming menswear designer next September
Mini burgers: toothpick flags with twitter handle
Editors & bloggers instagram & tweet tagging @InNoutUK
Phase 2: Buildup to Pop-Up Shop
To test market areas, series of 3 pop-up shops in Financial District, Shoreditch & Notting Hill
Tweet at influential bloggers & publications
Phase 3: Retweet for Free Burgers
On day of first pop-up, first 100 to Retweet @InNoutUK with hashtag #animalstyleUK get free burger
Spread word & build positive brand image
Out-of-Home Advertisements:
Billboards and Tube ads
Tube Advertisements
Media Wall: impact
Target audience are commuters
Subtlety & intrigue
Standalone LED billboards in open public places
Ambient feature: Emit smell of burgers
Communications Mix
In-N-Out Pop-Up
Current Marketing Mix
UK Market
Fast food of of the most important sectors in the UK restaurant industry
Has benefited from economic recession
Industry in high demand: on-the-go consumers

Perceived as unhealthy, of poor quality
Accusations of poisoning consumers, animal abuse, environmental concerns
Fierce competition: bad market

Expanding menu to cater to consumer demand for healthier products
Premium options offering something extra with purchase
Modernization of restaurants: electronic menu boards, interactive tables, contactless payments, smartphone app orders

Rising operation and production costs, food costs
Legislative demands over ingredients and nutritional content labeling
Obesity epidemic
"Ready meals" threaten the industry as substitute of fast food
Competitor Analysis
Ansoff Matrix
Company History
Opened in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder
Privately-owned, drive-thru or sit-down burger restaurant based out of Irvine, California

Evaluation Techniques
Focus Groups
Social Media Analysis
Man on the Street Interviews
Marketplace Trends in UK
Restaurant market grew by 0.9% in 2012, predicted continued growth
Quick service restaurants (QSRs) are most promising segment because of cheaper prices; burgers second largest segment within QSRs
Marketplace Trends in UK
ACORN Analysis
Rising Prosperity (City Sophisticates, Younger Professionals in Smaller Flats, Socializing Young Renters, Metropolitan Professionals)
Comfortable Communities (Starting Out)
Financially Stretched (Student Life)

Target Demographics & Behavior
Gen Y: 15.9% of total UK population & growing
Live in/around or work in/around London
Commute to work
Students/young professionals
More disposable income (about £57 billion/year)
16-34 yr olds more likely to go out & spend more
More likely to pay for lunch than other meals
Want authenticity in brands
Don’t like being advertised to
Want a brand that has a distinct personality & says something about the consumer
Most Liked Brands
Simple menu - affordable burgers, fries, shakes, and soft drinks
Fresh, never frozen or premade
"Quality you can taste"
Located in 5 US states
Economy pricing strategy
Have palm trees and/or logo on all packaging
Sources: Keynote Fast-Food & Home-Delivery Outlets Market Report Plus
Uses fresh ground beef and doesn’t serve any frozen products
Free peanuts are offered as clients wait for their orders
Target Audience
Males, 18-28 (Generation Y)
Trendsetters, culturally aware
High involved shoppers: Research before they buy, shop at a mix of high and low retailers
Is/wants to be well-traveled
Majority of what he reads is on a screen
Food: searching for the latest and greatest, quality most important factor
Eats out on his lunch break
Source: Retail Times; Mintel
Approximately half of the burger market in UK
Negative publicity for unhealthy menu options & unethical business practices
Source: Paper Magazine; The Huffington Post Online
Source: In-N-Out.com
Source: Keynote Restaurant Market Report Plus 2013
Sources: McDonalds.co.uk; Fiveguys.co.uk
Source: In-N-Out.com
Sources: CBS Outdoor; Directional Media
Source: The Guardian
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