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Greyhounds by kiersten thompson


kiersten thompson

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Greyhounds by kiersten thompson

Greyhounds are very brave and devoted. They are intelligent and laid-back. They are gentle and even tempered. They are not aggressive, to prevent racing dogs from getting aggressive, if at any time during a race, the dog is interfered with, it is immediately put down. It is instinctive for them to chase anything that moves quickly. They are extremely fast.They are usually good with children and other dogs. They usually do not like roughhousing. They are calm and sociable and sometimes considered lazy. They bond strongly. They have great stamina. They do not bark a lot. There are two different lines, the show line and the racing line which are built differently. Show greyhounds are bred for temperament where as racing greyhounds are bred for speed. Start
The history of the greyhound They need to be socialized with especially small animals because of their prey instinct. They are not difficult to house train. Like most dogs it can be taught to do almost anything you want it to. Energy level They don't need a backyard they do need a place to run and a place for exercise. They do not need a lot of time outside. They only need to go to the bathroom. They also need exercise either indoors or outdoors. Greyhounds By: Kiersten Thompson Size of Greyhounds Temperment of greyhounds Training They have a pretty moderate energy level. They need exercise every day but it doesn't have to be intense exercise. They are very playful though. Grooming Requirements The greyhound is a member of the sight hound family. They are called sight hounds because unlike most dogs who use their sense of smell to hunt, the greyhound uses its keen eyesight. The greyhound is one of the oldest dogs, they appear on tombs of Egyptian royalty. They are known for their great hunting and running skills. They were bred to outrun their prey. They are very self reliant and quick witted. Greyhounds are not aggressive. The general height of a male greyhound is 28-30 inches at the shoulder.
The general weight of a male greyhound is 65-80 pounds. The general height of a female greyhound is 27-28 inches at the shoulder.
The general weight of a female greyhound is 60-70 pounds. Health concerns The Most Common Cancer especially in bones
Emergency gastrointestinal syndrome called bloat because they have a deep chest.
Allergies that cause itchy skin
Elbow hygroma because of their skinny boney elbows.
Some eye diseases like pannus and progressive retinal atrophy Retired Racing Dogs Tick born diseases like the Lyme dieasease.
Intestinal diseases like salmonella.
Protozoal infections like coccidia.
Dental disease
General alopecia (hair loss)
Vasculopathy The general lifespan of a greyhound is 10-12 years. They are not smelly so do not need not be bathed often. Their nails need to be clipped often. Their teeth need to be brushed at least twice a week. Their hair should be brushed often. living area cost per year Caring for a greyhound on average costs about $800-$1000 per year.
Food-eat about 1-2 cups a day, cost annually- about $260
vet bills-depends on how heavy it is usually about $300, you should take your dog to the vet at least once a year for vaccines and other things.
leash- about $30
collar-about $12
Tag- about $10
Toys- from $2-$25 per toy
Treats- from $3-$70 per item

Nicknamed the 40mph couch potato Italian greyhound Related Breeds Whippet Borzoi Afghan Saluki Spanish Greyhound Russian Sighthound Hortaya Borzaya Sloughi Silken Windhound The End
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