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Senior Classroom Guidance

No description

Stacey Seefeldt

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Senior Classroom Guidance

Navigating Senior Year
What You Should Know
Senior Year:
Are You Ready?

Graduating with Honors
Graduation Requirements
A Review of
The College
Selection Process
- Majors and educational programs
- Types of school and degrees offered
- Accreditation status
- Admission requirements
- Location and size
- Costs and Financial Aid
- Campus activities and support services
Consider College
- http://www.cfnc.org
Using the Internet
to Research:
- College Visits are considered educational opportunities
- Must complete Field Trip Form Prior to Visit
- Must turn in verification of visit upon return
Visit the College
- Guided Tour
Checklist for a Campus Visit:
- Meet with an Admission Counselor
- Sit in on a Class
- Eat in the cafeteria
- Meet with a professor in the area you want to study
- Visit the fitness facilities, library, career center, and bookstore
- Meet with Financial Aid Counselor
- What are the best reasons to go to this college?
Questions To Ask
When You Visit:
- What do you do on your free time or on the weekends?
- What are the average class sizes?
- How much time do students typically spend outside of class on classwork?
- What percentage of students receive financial aid?
The College Application
- Academic Record
- Class Rank
- Standardized Test Scores
- Extracurricular Involvement
- Recommendations
- Essay
What Colleges Look For In
Prospective Students
- Narrow your choices

- Review college admission requirements

- submit all application materials by deadline

(What do you think they would want?)
General Guidelines:
Tackling the Tests
- created by Collegeboard
- originally developed as an aptitude test
- questions seek to root out innate ability
- measures "critical thinking" ability
- created by ACT
- Assessment test
- tests the knowledge you have acquired
- 3 content areas (Math, Critical Reading, Writing)
- 10 timed sections
- Strong focus on vocabulary
- 4 content areas (Math, Reading, English,
Science Reasoning)
- Optional Writing Section (recommended)
- The score range for each content area is 200-800
- The 3 scores are added for your total score (2400 highest)
- The score range for each content area is 0-36
- Composite score is the average of the 4 tests combined
Which Admission Option
is Best For You?
Tips for Completing
College Applications:
- Specifics, Examples
- Don't go way under or way over
- PROOFREAD and have an English teacher proof it too
- Give person advance notice
- Give them some info on you: help have details
- Check back to make sure it's done
-Don't choose family members
- Fill out a "Transcript Request Form"
- When you are ready to send your application, request Ms. Raines to send your transcript
- Cost
- What do I do when they say they haven't received my transcript and I know I sent it?
Sending Transcripts and
SAT/ACT Scores:
SAT/ACT Scores:
- You must submit your SAT/ACT scores electronically through College board or ACT. They will not accept your scores off your transcript.

*FAFSA is FREE, don't pay anyone!

*Scholarships: check out college and BHS database

*Secure necessary forms and note deadlines

*Attend the Financial Aid Workshop- January

* Apply for financial aid in January:
you can do it before your taxes are done

Financing College:

Senior Classroom Guidance: Month of September

College Application Day: Friday, November 14th

Financial Aid Workshop: Tuesday, January 8th @ 6:00pm Porter Center

FAFSA Day: February
Important Upcoming Events:
BHS Student Services Website:

How to Contact Us

"Like" us on Facebook:
Brevard High School Student Services
BHS Resources:
Remember we are here to help!
- http://www.collegeportraits.org
- http://www.ncicu.org
- http://www.nccommunitycolleges.edu
How Counselors Can Help
Give students information on the college admission process
Give students tools to research colleges and careers both in print and on-line
Guide students in the development of their college list
Assist with applications as needed
- http://www.collegeboard.org/

Early Decision
Early Action
Regular Admission
Rolling Admission
* Start early
*Read directions and review info
*Proofread- and get another opinion
*Make copies of everything you submit (do it on-line: save constantly)
*Follow up- talk to your rep
From Application to Admission
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