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Go!Animate's the Way to Go!

Jordan Mosco Prezi Project

Jordan Mosco

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Go!Animate's the Way to Go!

Make Amazing Animated Videos for free! Go!Animate is the Way to Go! Go!Animate is a free website that allows you to create animated videos! What is Go!Animate? Step 1: Enter http://goanimate.com How do you create an account? Step 2 : Scroll Down and enter your information to create a free account! What other accounts are available? Step 4: Verify your account by clicking the link from the Email you will soon receive in your Email Address inbox . Step 5: You now have a registered account! Go!Animate is only web-based and does not offer any mobile APPS Step 3: Click the 'Sign Up' button For a price, both School and Business Accounts are available. You will receive an Email in your account's inbox with a tutorial to get started on your first video! Go!Animate does not need any downloaded software in order to use. Thanks for watching now Go!Animate! By: Jordan Mosco PROS and CONS Pros CONS PRO: Training Video Go!Animate has an easy-to-follow training video! Pro: Examples Go!Animate has user made videos to watch. Pro: Ease Go!Animate is very easy to use! After watching the training video, click the "Make A Video" button. Pro: Ease and Selection Templates Next, select which type of movie you want to create. Go!Animate has quite a large selection of styles of video. Pro: Ease Then, follow the easy steps to continue to make your video! Pro: Finished Product Go!Animate gives a very visually pleasing finished video-perfect for any project! Go!Animate's videos are of a quality I could not do without the site! Con: Tools There are not a lot of options to create a video, such as characters/actors available without an upgraded membership. History In order to create an animated video in the past, one would make a Flip Book. Such as the old Mickey Mouse Cartoons. Future How could this technology change in the future?

In the future, many new features can be added when they are developed-such as new voices, formats, or textures. Education in the Future Go!Animate can be used for educational purposes and even have educational accounts available. This technology is very helpful in the assistance of visual presentations and will continue to be an easy way to create animated videos while teaching the user about visual aid technology. Personal Opinion I would recommend this to others if they needed to make an animated video; however, I would make clear to them that many of the features available required upgraded memberships. While using Go!Animate, I liked the training video the best. Because of the training video, I was not confused on how to use this technology and therefore, could use it with ease. What did I like best? Would I use Go!Animate again? I would use it again if I needed to create an animated video for a presentation because it is a very effective way of doing so. Would I recommend this to others?
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