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Fitness Bikes

No description

Eric Kamphof

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Fitness Bikes

...your favorite
coffee shop...
...the library...
...you get the
What all these distances have in common is that they are all
too far to walk
too close to drive.
That's why a bicycle is the perfect tool!
If you live downtown, we bet you probably live most of your life within a five mile radius from home.
(let's dig a bit deeper)
Think about it! ...your work...your doctor...your best friend...your favorite bar...your brunch spot...your laundromat...

First Question
For now let's say you live most of your life in a five mile radius of home. Within this five mile radius is it:
or hilly?
Let's pretend
you said "flat"
First. Who needs 21 speeds when all you're ever riding is from stoplight to stoplight? What you need is something called an "internal gear hub"
You see, most bikes come with derailleurs (above). These give you a lot of gears but also a lot of maintenance. Great if you're into
fitness or performance. But
not great if you need a
Internal gears are
the hub, which means they are sealed and trouble-free. They may look
complicated, but they've been around way longer than the derailleur and have an amazing track record. Plus, they give
you all the gears you
Second Question
Most bikes these days are designed in sunny California. So we need to ask, will you store your bike outside year round? Be honest, this isn't Venice Beach!
People in Europe have been storing their bikes outside for years. Take this Achielle bike from Belguim. It's a steel frame that has undergone
a zinc-coating process which means you
can pretty much leave it under a snow-
drift and never have to worry. It may
be a bit heavy, but it will last a
shockingly long time.
Or let's take a look at some Canadian
solutions like this Devinci Montreal. It's
aluminum frame can never rust (remember
your chemistry classes?) and its nice
and light. It's probably the sportiest
city bike out there, and its internal
seven speed hub makes it
remarkably versatile.
If sporty ain't your thing then check out
Toronto-based Simcoe bikes. Their steel frames are much stronger than aluminum
and their durable powdercoat finish
protects against rust. Funny how the
only bikes that are outdoor storable
are either European or Canadian.
Actually, not that surprising
at all!

Third Question
How about my clothing? Why is it that every bike I've ever had sprays oil all over my clothes? How do those Dutch and Danish girls make cycling look so fashionable? What's going on? This is so obvious that it shouldn't even be a question!
Let's pretend the answer is "yes"
The most common internal gear hub is the three speed. It's super for flat terrain and the typical
five mile radius
of the city cyclist.

Got some hills? Well, they make hubs all the way up to 14 speeds (but 8 is usually enough).
Next question!
Rust proof frames... Sealed internal gearing... Sounds great! But what about brakes? Well, they make internal brakes too! Known as "drum brakes" you can find those
on dead-serious city bikes like Simcoe, Achielle, and Paper.


you're right!
...all you need is...
A Chainguard
Wait a sec!
One more
But not all chainguards are created equal. Some only cover half the chain, which means your clothes only stay
clean. That's just silly.
You see, with the
bottom of the chain
exposed, its gonna
spray oil all over your
designer jeans.
The high tech chainguard
on Achielle bikes keeps your clothes
and the chain spotless.
The chainguard
on all Simcoe bikes
covers the entire chain and looks beautiful.
On a Paper Bike
the actual frame
becomes a
chainguard. Um..awesome?
you see, chainguards
are cool!
How do you want to sit?
Back is



In sum, a very safe, comfortable
and efficient position for rides
within the five mile radius.
for instance....
Achielle Craighton
Note the high head-tube. This puts the rider into
an upright position and shifts the body weight on the tush. Comfy!

The shorter cockpit
takes weight off the
arms and keeps
things relaxed.
Simcoe Step Thru
Beater Step Thru
But what if you're one of those riders who zip between cars,
ride the city like it was your local mountain bike trail, or behave like a bike messenger? What if you just want something more

down low
Hips are
rocked over
crankset for power

Body weight
pre-loaded over bars for optimal steering
In sum, a body position
designed for comfort over
rides (or people who
like to go everywhere fast)
Raleigh Tripper
See how the seat
is waaaaay above
the handlebars?
That tilts your body into the down-low position
This bike may not
like a city bike, but it comes with a 3 speed internal gear hub - so its a-ok.
Raleigh Cadent i11
This bike actually
comes with an
speed internal gear hub. It's a fully functioning city bike and a fitness bike too!
That means this bike can operate
inside and outside
of the five mile radius. We'll return to that point soon.
....and what if you just want something in between...?
Hips are
rocked over
crankset for increased power

Body weight is
pre-loaded over bars for zippy steering
In sum, a position that
balances comfort with a zippy
feel. Increases efficiency
on longer rides.
Simcoe Roadster
Devinci Montreal
Achielle Louise
Achielle Sam
Many city bikes with aggressive positions seem to lack chaincases. There are some exceptions, like the Achielle Sam.
Whoa, wait a sec...
what if my ride
what if I live outside
of the typical five mile radius
but still need a transportation bike?
let's say you're riding from here
...and you're
riding over
What do you
mean by "continuous
Well, let's say
you live
The sun is shining....
It's a great day for a bike ride!
...you jump on a main road...
... hit the riverside bike path...
...you pick
up some speed...
...stop for
the view...
...grab a coffee...
...and head back
Now, a commuter
cyclist is quite different
Like a fitness cyclist, they ride quite a distance
But, unlike a fitness cyclist (who may only stop for a coffee), a commuter cyclist stops and locks their bike to one of these for eight hours a day.
Bikes get bashed, snagged on other bikes, rained and snowed on, and paralleled parked into. Bikes like these are
That's why a commuter bike will often be built out of tougher materials like steel, or thicker aluminum. They'll also have tougher paint.
A commuter bike will also generally feature fenders and racks, whereas a fitness bike is often made for fair weather jaunts.
And, a commuter bike (
) always have an internal gear hub. They can handle all weather and aren't vulnerable to outdoor exposure.
Wait.... What if I want a bike
I can ride for fitness and fun
but also functions as my
Depends on your definition of
Let's say you just want to toodle around all day looking for the best coffee shops.
If your heart is racing it's because of all the coffee you've had!
You're just taking it easy. You don't want to have to change your whole outfit to ride a bike. We admire that. Hey, what's the rush?
Something like a Simcoe, Achielle, Beater, or Paper Bike would do the trick
Let's say your idea of 'heart pumping' is a recreational bike ride, whether that's outside of the city or on city bike paths.
The internally geared Raleigh
Cadent would be great if you also need a functioning commuter bike.
With its derailleur and amazing BIXI-style built in lighting, the Devinci Newton blurs the line between fitness bike and commuter bike.
And, of course there's the North American hybrid bike. It's light, efficient, and can usually multitask pavement and gravel paths.
Also, notice that none of these bikes come equipped with chainguards. These bikes all assume that you're changing out of those designer jeans for something sporty (and probably stretchy).
Because you're no longer hitting every coffee shop and doing some real distance, note that the seating position on all of these bikes is mid-rise. Over longer distances this position is more comfortable and more efficient.
So... I tend to ride 80% of my
time in the city and need
something low maintenance with
a chainguard. But I also want to do
some longer distance fitness rides. Does this bike exist?
Sort of...

But not really!
Remember that five mile radius?
Well, if you can connect 80% of your life with a bicycle...
Your bicycle is basically your car!!
Let's look to the wisdom
of the Dutch. (They've figured this whole thing out!!).

Generally speaking, the Dutch each own
One for everyday transport. One for fun.
The transport bike takes care of the majority of ones transportation needs.
And the fun bike is, well... fun!
It may sound luxurious, but its just a matter of good budgeting.
The city bike comes out of the transportation budget
And the fun bike comes out of the fun budget
It's a matter of re-wiring the way we think of bikes.
A no-compromise city bike lasts
a long time.
And a fun bike should be no-compromise fun!
You're putting tons of money into your RRSP
And, you're happy and rosy-cheeked.
(Just like the Dutch!)
Cool. But I let's say I'm not too worried about maintenance, and I'm just gonna roll up my jeans to keep them oil-free. Whatever. What I really want is a adventure machine that is a total blast to ride.
Sure! Let's hit the...
We carry Devinci bikes. Devinci is based in Canada - and that actually means something.
In a world where most bikes are designed in the vast suburban wasteland of Los Angeles, Devinci makes a recreational bike that is strong enough for the city.
That means the
bikes are light but still strong. Especially in key
areas like the frame and wheels.
The ride is different too. Because most hybrids are made for long straight paths, they tend to lay the rider far over the bars.
But cities are made up of tight 90 degree corners. Devinci bikes have slightly shorter top-tubes.
That means a Devinci handles remarkably well across a diverse range of activities.
As you ascend the Devinci line-up of hybrids, the bikes move from fitness to performance.
The frames will get lighter.
And, because performance are often designed for speed and/or distance there will be a focus on comfort (without sacrificing weight or stiffness).
The gearing will get bigger.
The tires will get faster (skinnier).
For instance, every bike below the Devinci London has a straight guage tube-set. Which means the interior tube thickness is the same end-to-end.
Meanwhile, every bike above the Wellington has a double butted frameset. Not only lighter, but creates a channel for shock dissipation. That's important for longer rides.
For instance, every bike below the Wellington has wider 32mm tires with a bit more tread. Great for all conditions.
Meanwhile, the Olso has a narrower 28mm slick tire, built for speed.
Every bike below the Wellington has a 48 Tooth chaingring. It's efficient and won't kill your thighs.
Meanwhile, the Olso has a massive 52 Tooth chainring for speed, speed, and more speed.
The Milano, London and Bristol both have steel forks. Fine for 2 hour rides, but a bit bone-rattling on longer rides.
Meanwhile, the Wellington and Oslo have carbon forks. Super light but also super shock absorbing
So, if you're after a bike that can multitask pavement and path and provide long, fun days in the saddle - Devinci make a bike for that.
Or, if you want a recreational bike that nonetheless prioritizes speed + distance - Devinci makes one of the best bikes out there.


Transport bikes are robust
(not toys) made for maximum low maintenance, total
clothing protection,
comfort, and 3-4 season
durability, including
outdoor storage.
Fitness bikes are
fun, exploratory vehicles that most often are ridden outside of the city (or on city bicycle paths). They tend to ride in a continuous loop. They're light, fun, and can go lot's of places.
Performance bikes usually have something to prove. We don't sell mountain or road performance bikes. But we sell touring bikes. And riding 100 miles a day covered in bags is all about proving yourself!
Let's dig in!
As mentioned, there are three types of bikes.
Good question!
Let's begin with
fitness cyclist.
...and so...
A bike like the Milano has straight gauge tubes, wider tires, a steel fork and lower gearing
great for fitness and fun!
Because disc
brakes are rad!
A bike like the London has straight gauge tubes, wider tires, lower gearing and hydraulic
disc brakes
A bike like the Bristol has straight gauge tubes, wider tires, a steel fork and more gearing
I'm getting more serious...
want fitness and performance?
The Wellington has butted tubes, a carbon fork, thinner tires, but still has lower gearing
Serious distance bicycle
Speed + distance. Serious + Fun.
The Oslo has butted tubes, a carbon fork, thin tires and HUGE gearing!
Up next, perfomance bikes!
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