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has life changed for former slaves?

No description

giles DK

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of has life changed for former slaves?

Jobs For AfrIcan AMERICANS
TODAY What Are They Trying To Cover? Qualities Statistics Jobs Cook Driver Politician
Alexis Herman - the 23rd U.S. secretary of labour under president Bill Clinton Al Sharpton - An American pentecostal minister and political, civil rights and social justice activist Cleaner Driver Cleaner Politician Cook Black drivers pay in America today is normal with no discrepancies to change their pay because of their colour. Black drivers are usually treated like other drivers, they usually talk to their customers and they talk back in a friendly way. Black cleaners in America today are usually old men who have low pay and have to support their families. The qualities of their jobs are poor as they are given no supplements and they are constantly being disrespected by the younger white males. The younger black cleaners are usually looked at differently by the public eye; they are usually seen as criminals who are working off their time. This means that they are not usually approached and are never thanked for their hard work. A cleaner’s job has a bad quality as they are usually completely dirty with barely anytime off to clean off. The employer treats them like scum and never appreciates their work. Over all I think that a black cleaner is ill respected, shunned and treated like animals by the employers and the public. Black politicians in America today are respected much more than they were in the past. Their quality of their job has increased tenfold as they are not being discriminated against in the office or on the street. They are being treated the same as white men, this means they are getting the same luxuries at work then they do, they work in a clean environment and they are not always being told what to do. Black cooks have a good quality of jobs, but like other cooks it depends on how good their food is. They are paid to height of what they are famous for. They are paid to cooked good food for greater publicity, which will enhance their quality of job. A black cook is treated and paid the same as a white cook. Whites Blacks March 2009 February 2010 March 2010 March 2009 november 2009 December 2009 Januray 2010 Februaury 2010 March 2010
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