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On my desk...

No description

Alex Martines

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of On my desk...

Maintain Online Resources for Campus Population

Provide easily-accessible resources (see 1b, 2b, 3c, and 4e) on various software and hardware that is in common use within the office. These “How-To’s” will be organized within the shared Z: drive and staff will be notified of their presence via a list of available how-to’s in their pre-semester cubby packets and encouraged to use them.
Hold mini-trainings one-on-one with staff as technology questions arise, in which staff are shown how to resolve the problem in the future
Increase Staff Communication and Scheduling Through Outlook Calendar
Foster a Working Contract with OIT that Meets Everyone’s Needs

Ensure that all staff have access to and ability to share and update their own Outlook calendar by checking in with individual staff about the status of their calendar and their comfort in using it
Provide resources to facilitate troubleshooting with Outlook when I'm not in the office
Technology Work at CESL
Improve Printer/Copier Access and Reliability
Test connection for printer in 610, then move Black & White printer in 611 to 610 so staff do not have to walk down to our office just to print
Provide resources for troubleshooting issues with copier in case things go wrong when I'm not available (with Tyler)

Complete website transition and management from Honors to OIT, including module updating
Work with other CESL staff to keep website information up to date, accurate, and easy to find (Chris for CSP, Carol for news, and Ellen for the certificate in particular)

Increase staff self-sufficiency in addressing technology issues
Overall Goal for 2014

When I'll be in the Office
Monday 10-11am
Tuesday 9am-12pm
Wednesday-Friday 10am-12pm

What this means for YOU

I'll be updating the computers during the next few weeks during the evening
There will soon be a How-To location for tech info in the Z drive
Expect an email this week with this info and more
Please send me anything you think should be highlighted as news on the website or in the newsletter!
Administer website accounts for various staff, including CSAs
Manage CESL newsletters to UMass students and faculty, including gathering materials, arranging information, and managing database in Mailchimp. There are currently approximately 4-6 newsletters per year. (with Carol and CSAs)
Provide resources for using the website for staff who may want to learn Drupal or add things themselves without going through Alex and to ensure ability of CESL staff to manage website should Alex be unavailable

Questions? Requests?
Set up recurring meetings with Chas or other OIT staff to fully complete transition from honors to OIT tech support (as needed)
Improve flow of communication between CESL staff, Alex, and OIT tech support by establishing protocol with staff to work with me first if at all possible and not an emergency. Staff will learn of the protocol through me and via an email document to staff at the beginning of the Spring semester
Ensure that computing issues are resolved in a timely fashion that limits impact on CESL staff’s productivity by providing troubleshooting resources, working with me to resolve the issue, or contact OIT if it is time sensitive and I'm not available
increase CESL stability and technology infrastructure
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