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Natural Selection

Grace Lee Period 1 Biology

Grace Lee

on 18 February 2010

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Transcript of Natural Selection

Natural selection Genetic Variation Genetic Variation is the
different traits within
a population. For example, some
hummingbirds have
longer beaks than
others. Heredity Variations are inherited from their parents to their offsprings. For example,
hummingbirds with longer beaks will produce offsprings with longer breaks. Hummingbirds with shorter beaks will produce offsprings with shorter beaks.
Overproduction of Offspring Organisms has more
population of the offspring
that survived. For example, a humming-
bird with a short beak in an
enviornment with longer flowers
is not able to survive because
of their short beaks. Whereas,
hummingbirds with longer beaks
are able to use them to survive.
Differential survival and reproduction The offsprings that survived
will produce more offsprings,
which leads to a growth in
population. For example, the humming-
birds with the longer beaks
will survive and produce more
offsprings, which will also have
long beaks. WHO? Charles Darwin! Charles Darwin came up
with an inference that all
living creatures descnded
from a common ancestor.

He boarded on the HMS
Beagel to the Galapagos
Islands in South America.
When he began to collect
mockingbirds, finches, etc.,
he noticed that there were
different varities of the same
Darwin later came up
with a process called
artificial selction, which
is a .... Darwin later concluded
that humans could evolve by
artificial selection to produce
new species.
Then, Darwin was able
to use his research to create
a theory of evolution- natural
selection. This theory infers
that there are four basic principles
that explain how population changed
over time.

1. Genetic Variation
2. Heredity
3. Overproduction of Offspring
4. Differential Survival and Reproduction
Examples of Natural Selection 1. bacteria Legionella Pneumophila

Genetic Variation:
Some bacteria live in warm water
and others live in cold water.

The Legionella Pneumophila will
produce more of its kind.

Differential Survival and Repreduction:
If the Legionella Pneumphila was to
be put in an enviornment with cold
water, the bacteria would not be able to
survive unlike the ones who live in
warm water.

Overproduction of Offspring:
The bacterias that survive will be able
to produce more offsprings of its

2. Butterflies The Cabbage White Butterfly
Pieris rapae

Genetic Variation:
Some butterflies have spots
and some will be plain.

The Cabbage White butterfly
will produce offsprings with
the same color and spots.

Differential Survival and Reproduction:
If the Cabbage White Butterfly lives
in an enviornment with white flowers,
then camouflage the butterfly will
survive. In contrast, if a yellow butterfly,
lived in an enviornment with white flowers,
then they are much likely not to survive
because they are visible to their predator.

Overproduction of Offspring:
The type of butterfly that survived in their
enviornment with many flowers, then they
will continue to reproduce offsprings. 3. Ladybug The Seven-Spotted Ladybug
Coccinella Septempunctata

Genetic Variation:
Some ladybugs are red and spotted,
while others are orange or plain.

Ladybugs with a red shell and spots
will produce offspring that is red
and has spots.

Differential Survival and Reproduction:
Not all types of ladybugs
survive. A red lady bug will be able to
survive in an enviornment with red flowers
to camouflage themseleves.

Overproduction of Offspring:
The type of ladybug that survives in their
enviornment will be able to produce offsprings
of their own kind.
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