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Theater History Illustrated Timeline

An illustrated timeline including important facts from the first performances to American theater.

Charles Chao

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Theater History Illustrated Timeline

Theater History Illustrated Timeline 1. The First Performances Began: 2000 B.C.

Significant Playwrights: I-Kher-Wofret of Abydos

First record of a theatrical performance was for a three day play.
Was recorded in stone.
Used realistic battles and high ceremony to reenact the murder, dismemberment, and resurrection of the god Osiris. Osiris 2. Greek Began: 600 B.C.

Significant Playwrights: Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes

534 B.C. First thespian (actor)
Development of stage
Women didn't act, men played women's roles. Greek Theater 3. Roman Began: 41 A.D.

Significant Playwrights: Plautus, Terence, Seneca

Theaters built flat
Chorus and orchestra no longer used
Focused on stage
Playwrights did not benefit from the architecture of the time. Roman Masks 4. Medieval Began: 500 A.D.

Significant Playwrights: The church wrote most plays

Used theater as a means of worship and instruction.
Plays not by churches drew criticism and were repressed.
Mostly in Latin. Medieval play 5. Renaissance Began: 1300's

Significant Playwrights: Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Calderon

Commedia dellarte': improvised acting created.
Proscenium arch added to stage plays.
Plays performed by traveling companies. Commedia Dell'arte Masks 6. Elizabethan by Charles Chao Began: 1600's

Significant Playwrights: Shakespeare, Marlowe, Jonson

Court Plays - geared to a more intellectual audience.
Playhouses - octagonal stage.
1660's - more theaters are built after being destroyed in the civil war of 1642. Shakespeare 7. Restoration Began: 1660

Significant Playwrights: Wycherley, Congreve, Farquhar, Sheridan, Goldsmith, Gilbert and Sullivan, Wilde, Shaw

Roofs on stages allowed for more elaborate scenery
Stages on incline, back wall replaced with shutters, allowing for multiple scene changes
Acting took on natural movement, not stiff Wycherley 8. Eastern Theater Began: Unknown

Significant Playwrights: None

Development of Noh, a style rooted in religion and ceromony.
Development of Bunraku, which uses intricate wooden puppets
Development of Kabuki, a mixture of the first two. Originally for women.
Both genders wore Kimonos Bunraku puppet 9. American Theater Began: Mid 1700's

Significant Playwrights: O'Neill, Williams, Wilder, Hellman, Saroyan, Miller, Simon, Hansberry, Henley

Traveling theatrical families arrived in the colonies in the mid 1700's.
America lacked it's own style until the early 20th century
Hollywood becoming the world film center brought attention to American Theater. Hollywood sign To today!
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