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Company Case : Mavi Jeans : Jeans that fit final

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anjasmeen abdkadir

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Company Case : Mavi Jeans : Jeans that fit final

Mavi means blue in Turkish
Mavi Jeans is the leading denim manufacturing company in Turkey
Mavi Jeans was established by Sait Akarlilar in 1991
the history of the brand begins 1984 when ERAK company was founded by Sait Akarlilar, manufacturing private-label jeans for other brands (Lee, Calvin Klein...)
Flagship stores in New York, Vancouver, Istanbul, Berlin & Frankfurt (full operates > 280)
Mavi was sold in speciality stores, department stores and chain in 50 countries. (United States, Germany, Australia and Russia.)
Jeans That Fit & perfect fit strategy
Mavi Jeans were designed to be comfortable with a broad size availability

Special style solutions thanks to additional
processing & handling

Emphasizes a Mediterranean feeling

Denim of high quality

"Mavi fits" not only the bodies but customers'
lifestyles and customers' wallet as well
- Founded by Sait Akarlilar
- The brand was introduced in Europe
- Costums union agreement between Turkey and European Union (EU) opened up a new era of increasing opportinities in EU contries. (an important year)
- The company built the largest jeans production facility in turkey
-Entered the North American market
- advertising campaign motto "we've gone too far" (become one of the most well-known jeans brands globally)

Lecturer: Sir Shamsul Izwan Bin Saharani

Presented by:
Fashihah Kamal Leang CEA140034
Amalia Nabilah Jasmeen Binti Abd Kadir CEA140006
Company Case : Mavi Jeans : Jeans that fit
Milan, Italy
Broadway, New York
Vancouver, Canada
- takes 128th place in the list of 500 best manufacturing companies in Turkey
- the triumph of the brand is even more evident. According to polls carried out by “Capital” and “Adekko” magazines among students of Turkish universities Mavi Jeans brand is second in popularity after Coca-Cola
Today the brand has a turnover of 250 millions dollars and its collections are sold in 50 countries. The surface of ERAK factories in Istanbul makes up 75.000 square meters and 11.000.000 pairs of custom tailored jeans are manufactured there every year.
Question 1 : What factors contributed to the success of Mavi Jeans?
Wide spread store (online and physical)
High quality denim (with lower price than its competitors)
Fasionable style
Famous celebrities;Kate Winslet, Chelsea Clinton and Adriana Lima
Motto "Mavi fits my world - my lifestyle, my body and my wallet"
Question 2 : How would you define the company's target market? What is the current positioning strategy? Briefly explain Mavi's 4Ps.
Target Market
: The young people From all around the world who are fashion-conscious and seeking for high -quality jeans with a favorable price.

Current positioning strategy
: Value positioning because Mavi Jeans emphasizes on not only the importance of high quality and comfort but also trends and what is in fashion by differentiating its products and brand image with several ways.
4P's of Mavi Jeans
: Producing various jeans options for every taste with high quality. Brand name coming from the 'Blue' in Turkish. The menu concept applied for servicing in stores.

: Charging customers with more favorable prices than competitors do. Mavi has been successful in keeping its prices on the lower side of the designer jeans price continuum, so that the quality combination is attractive for target buyers.

: Ads involving well-known film stars, models made by the famous film-makers. Public relation through exhibiting short films in some stores, Maviology magazine and Mavi Cup.

: Locating the centres that are easy to be reached and visited by young buyers.
Mavi Commercial 2012 with Adriana Lima
Question 3 : What are customers of Mavi actually buying?
The brand itself
The name, style and concept that Mavi has build
High Quality
Design and Features
Question 4 : How do you evaluate the "menu" approach?
Changing wearing styles and sometimes feel difficult in combining clothes. (Young people)
Help Them to decide.
Customers could purchase already-paired jeans, shirt and shoes.
Make customer easier to buy, fast and ready to wear.
Question 5 : What recommendations would you make to help Mavi keep up the brand image and enhance the connection to the target market?
Keep up the brand
Always keep up to the higher quality.
Maintain a good relationship with customer (make offer of free gift).
Be a sponsor at major events (Fashion show).
Make "Year End Sale" and "Special Festival Sale" promotion (Online or members).

Enhance the connection
Develop the social network to get closer to the new generation.
Make the product as trend and hire a famous stars to be the role model (follow trend).
From the case study, we can conclude that Mavi Jeans is one of the most successful global company. Since Mavi Jeans apply the marketing concept, it shows that the power of marketing can helps it to go further in the future. When the company apply the 4P's strategy, it makes the company becomes competitive in the market.
for your attention!
Mavi jeans online interface
Mavi jeans online interface
avril lavigne
Fasihah & Amalia
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