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Briefing on Euro.Pa.S 2013

Everything you need to know

Anna Ventouratou

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Briefing on Euro.Pa.S 2013

Organised by the Institute of Research and Training on European Affairs (IRTEA) European Parliament Simulation
Euro.Pa.S 2013 What is it?
How it actually works?
What is its aim?
How to take part? What Euro.Pa.S is Briefing on Euro.Pa.S 2013 Euro.Pa.S is an initiative of IRTEA which aims at educating young people on European affairs.

It is organised for the 4th consecutive year by IRTEA with the support of the University of Piraeus, the European Parliament’s Office in Greece, the European Commission’s Delegation in Greece and the French Institute of Athens.

Overall, in its 3 years, it has brought successfully together more than 700 participants.

This year’s conference will be held on 26th-29th April 2013, at the premises of the University of Piraeus and the French Institute of Athens. How it actually works Euro.Pa.S is a simulation! A role playing game!

All participants are either Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) or Heads of a State.
They are therefore, elected members of the Parliament that come from an EU state and are members of a certain political party or the Heads of one of EU's 27 States representing their state in the European Council.

The "job" of every participant is to shape
through its research, according to its
assignment, the role that he will be
playing during the
conference. Euro.Pa.S simulates 6 committees
of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs (AFET)

Human Rights (DROI), in French

Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON)

International Trade (INTA)

Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE)

Security and Defense (SEDE) The Agenda of the conference is: European Council: Reviewing the EU foreign policy with its key economic partners under the light of the current
financial challenges

AFET: Reviewing the EU foreign policy under the scope of future climate driven crises and natural disasters

DROI: La liberté d’expression sur Internet et sa protection fondamentale

ECON: Towards an integrated EU banking system: discussing the issues of bank recapitalisation and the Eurobonds

INTA: EU bilateral trade relations with the USA and China with reference to investment and the maritime sector

ITRE: Reviewing the EU industrial policy: an in-depth analysis of current perspectives oriented at boosting the EU competitiveness amid crisis

SEDE: Space and outer-space activities: promoting a security
framework in the context of Common Security and Defence
Policy (CSDP) Procedure Each participant is assigned with a committee, a state and a party or merely a state in the European Council.

During the conference participants discuss, argue and negotiate on the agenda item of the committee they participate in.Their goal is to draft a Report which should reflect their compromised views on the topic. At the end of committee work, this Report should be adopted unanimously. The 3 days of the conference Day 1 - Friday 26th
The Opening Ceremony of the conference

Day 2 - Saturday 27th
Party Sessions
Committee work starts

Day 3 - Sunday 28th
Committee work

Day 4 - Monday 29th
The Plenary Session
The Closing Ceremony 26-29 April 2013 And it also simulates, for the 1st time in Greece
the European Council ! In a nutshell Open Debate

The default form of debate when no other caucus is introduced via motions - The topic area is the general agenda item. Moderated Caucus
Debate on a specific sub-issue of the general topic for a specific time Un-Moderated Caucus

Informal discussions on a specific topic and committee work What Euro.Pa.S has to offer
What is its aim Educating you on:
European policies
European decision making
European Law
Negotiation techniques Improving your:

public speaking
and leadership skills Helping you practice your English and/or French The values of team work and cooperation Offering you the opportunity to get to know new people 1) Read carefully the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website

2) Fill out the online application form until 28th February 2013

3) Deposit the participation fee (45 Euros)

4) Visit the Preparation section of our site and check regularly your e-mail for any possible notifications How to take part in Euro.Pa.S 2013 Contact and follow us Official site:

E-mail address: europas.irtea@gmail.com

Facebook page: EuropeanParliamentSimulation

Twitter account: Europasgr Thank you! Looking forward to meeting you all in April!
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