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No description

tyler vanloo

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Cerner

What is P2SaaS?
All capabilities of P2Sentinel Enterprise are available with SaaS
Required P2Sentinel infrastructure is hosted in a shared model
Data is virtually segregated into a separate namespace with proper access controls
The Service offering enables organizations to rapidly deploy and expand their auditing capability of
Millennium and beyond
P2 Sentinel
How it Works

Tamper-Proof Audit Repository & Security
Cerner Analytics
Proactive Monitoring
Access of employee protected health information (PHI) by users
employees accessing and modifying their own clinical record
nosy neighbor
Report anomalies in user access (frequency or location)
accesses to system outside "normal" business hours
report excessive session length
excessive activity (chart opens, person searches) by role
Exception and Threshold Based Reports
Produce Supporting Documentation for legal/HR activities related to PHI access
P2 Sentinel Agenda
Deployment Models

Traditional P2 Sentinel
Client Hosted
Remote Hosted
1, 3, 5, 10, 20 Node Configurations
Expands easily to Enterprise

Meaningful Use Stage II
Referenced component of Cerner’s “Complete EHR” CCHIT certification for the ARRA HITECH Meaningful Use Stage 1 incentives.

P2Sentinel 5.0 satisfies the requirement of having an external, tamper-proof audit repository.

Additional data integrity checking

The Millennium teams are updating their outbound audit messages.

P2Sentinel will be updated to receive and store the hashed values.

Stage 2 certification achieved May 2013

What is P2 Sentinel?
The Basics

Advanced Use
Creating Dashboards
Running Dashboards
Creating Reports
Running Reports
Scheduling Reports
Hands-On Exercise
Creating Dashboard
Running a Report
Exporting a Report
Creating a Wizard-Based Report

System Usage Reports
Failed Logins
Login Activity Summary
Internal (P2) Reports
Event Activity
Audit the Auditor
Investigation Reports
Access by Patient
Access by User
Access by Device
Access by Role
Access by MRN and UserID
Read-Only Reporting
Export reports in CSV & PDF formats
Control what data individuals can view
Active Directory Authentication
Audit-the-Auditor Reporting
Schedule based Alerting of User Access/Behavior
Sizing for both deployment models is estimated using beds, number of visits annually, and Millennium solution mix.

Non-Cerner clinical solutions can also be added to either deployment
P2 Sentinel Security as a Service (SaaS)
Hardware & software maintained by Cerner
Hosted service through CernerWorks
Client Hosted or Remote Hosted Cerner Millennium
Price based on #GB's of raw audit data collected each day

P2Sentinel Benefits Re-cap
Cerner Certified, Proven Solution
A Centralized Repository for All Sources
Ability to retain years of clinical and non-clinical data in raw format
Provides an audit trail to measure auditability and policy accountability
True enterprise scalability on premise or SaaS
Unlimited Collection and Storage
Provides query performance over massive data volumes
Visualization Options for Every User
Automated report delivery and e-mail notifications
Easy-to-use interface – dashboards, reports, alerting – so that even non-technical folks can do discovery
Correlated Data on the Fly
Heavy-lifting is done by P2Sentinel
Security Intelligence at a Glance
Expand as you need to – to go beyond clinical auditing – with a single investment
Addresses HIPAA/HITECH and Meaningful Use requirements

P2 Sentinel Overview
Tracking End User Access to Confidential Patient Data as it happens
Key Features
Monitor/Trend PHI Access with over 60 standard out-of-the-box reports tailored for health care organizations
Correlate Access Events by User / Patient / Device / Location
Visualization options for every user
Automated report delivery and email capabilities
Long term storage of collected audit data
Key Partners
HexisCyber provides agile cyber superiority, cybersecurity, and geospatial intelligence solutions primarily for U.S. Government intelligence and defense customers
HexisCyber leverages SenSage SIEM for its storage and analytical features
Advantage - Additional innovation along lines of analytics and reporting features of the SenSage solution... therefore P2Sentinel
By the numbers –
380,000 records per year
250 working days per year
8 hours per day/over 1500 records accessed
190 records per hour
Leverage existing investments in technology
Excessive Activity by Role
Access Patient X Days after Discharge

In the News:
Moving forward
Health Care IntelliSchema
Comprehensive analysis of audit data
Run audit report from ALL clinical sources in a single filterable view
Saves valuable time by reducing number of reports and analytic tools needed to combine data
"Nosy Neighbor"/"Geo fencing"
Continued improvements to zero in on security breaches by using parameters around patient's home address.
Leveraging mapping services to ensure concise distances
Dashboard Ergonomics
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