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Relationship Assments

No description

Katrina Luong

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of Relationship Assments

Nonverbal Communication can be described as sending and recieving messages with out using words.
Unhealthy Relationship
Hitting and punching is physical abuse and is a sign of an unhealthy relationship
Healthy relationships
Healthy Relationships include honesty
Relationship Assments
By Katrina Luong
Low self-esteem is a communication barrier.
Noisy environments affect the ablity to communicate with people
When we first meet someone we use I- messages to describe ourselves.
Hand gestures are a form of nonverbal communication
Respecting the person you have a realationship with is important to keeping that relationship healthy
Sharing the responsibility keep's one from feeling like they're putting in all the effort into the relationship.
Communication makes realtionships healthy, by letting the other person know whats going on.
When you have a disagreement it is important that you negotiate the problem
Using threats to instill fear into your partner is a sign of an unhealthy relationship
Smashing gifts is a way to demonstrate negative feelings and an unhealthy relationship.
Forcing your partner to do things they aren't comfortable with is a sign of disrespect and an unhealthy relationship.
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