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Climate Change

No description

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Climate Change

Climate Change

What is climate change?
Climate Change is the is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years.
Earth's tempature has risen by 1.4Fit is predicted it will rise another 2 to 11.5F
How does climate change effect us?
the climate gets hotter
there's decline in some crops and a increase in other's
lack lusterpollution due to decline in bees
effects food processing and storage
Which creatures are suffering from climate change?
Many Animals are suffering from climate change all around us but We will name a few.
there climate changes when the weather around them changes they lose some oft there population
What is the diffrence between climate change and global warming?
Global warming and Climate Change are diffrent because global warming is type of climate change
they also the same becuase climate change used to be called global warming
By: Joyhope Stephen
Tamara Wallace
Kursten Sawyer
Jasmine Hassel
Marquita Britt
Factors that causes Climate Change
factors that can change climate are called "forcing mechanisms"
Factors are solar radiation, variations in the Earth's orbit, mountain-building and continental drift and changes in greenhouse gas concentrations.
They are ethier amplify or diminish the initial forcing.
Some parts of the climate system, such as the oceans and ice caps, respond slow reactions climate forcings, while others respond more quickly.

The American Pikas
The Tufted Puffins
climate change 100- what is climate change
Climate change 200- what are decades to millions of years
Climate change 300- what is 11.5F
Factors 100- ice caps
Factors 200- what are amplified or diminished
Factors 300- what are solar radiation, variations in the earth’s orbit and changes in green house gas concentration and continental drift
Animal 100- what is the American pikas
Animal 200- what is the tufted puffins
Animal 300- population decrease and water sortage
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