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Skeleton Creek: The Crossbones- Book Report

No description

lucas gergyek

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Skeleton Creek: The Crossbones- Book Report

Skeleton Creek: The Crossbones- Book 3
By:Patrick Carman The Story So Far...... Characters- Ryan McCray Ryan McCray Is one of few sixteen
year olds in Skeleton Creek. He
loves to write, and fish. Ryan is tall
for his age, but still thin. Some
words to describe him are, smart,
rebelious, sneaky, and loyal. Ryans
always looking for an adventure,
and fights for what he wants. Hes
also very determined. Characters Ryan McCray Sarah Fincher Sarah Fincher is very similar to Ryan
but is one year older, and
unfortunately was forced to move to
Boston. Shes a great detective but her
true passion is directing/ documenting.
short, daring, brave, loyal, and funny.
Sarah loves to joke around, and have fun.
She always shows her emotions, and be's
herself. Characters- Sarah Fincher Old Joe Bush Old Joe Bush is mysterious, afterall how
do you get to know a dead man? His
spirit is creepy but in the end is very
helpful, after all he probably saved
Ryan and Sarahs lives! Some words I
would use to describe him are: loyal,
hardworking, and protective. He was
and always will be haunting his true
home, the dredge. Characters- Old Joe Bush Sam Fitzsimmons Sam Fitzsimmons "Fitz" is a very unique
unique person. Like most people who
in small towns, Fitz loves the outdoors
and fishing almost as much as he loves
his motorcycle. All though his dad doesnt
make much money, Fitz is still broad
and in shape. Hes quite smart, but at
times a bit to nosey. Fitz is quite, but
still gets his point across. Charaters- Sam Fitzsimmons The Apostle Characters- The Apostle The Apostle is not nearly as holy
as his name makes him sound.
Hes killed, stolen, and ruined many
lives. The Apostle is not completely
right in his head. Weird, creepy,
scary, loud, and mysterious are all
words you can use to describe
him. The Apostles job in the crossbones is to document everything. Gladys Morgan Characters- Gladys Morgan Gladys Morgan is a classic librarian,
grumpy, and always nagging to the
loud visiters in the library. Shes old,
cranky, rude, unpleasant, and strict.
Shes lanky and wrinkly, and a very
foul overall person, who doesnt
even give the slightest care about
anyone but herself. Shes personally
my least favourite character in the
book. Mr.McCray Characters- Mr.McCray Mr.McCray is like any normal dad, hes
athletic, loves outdoors, and his family.
He owns a fly shop, his dream life. Mr.
McCray is tall, loyal, trustworthy, and
loving. He spends most of time in his fly
shop or with his family doing what he
loves. Mr.McCray is alot like my dad.
The Raven Characters- The Raven Very little is known about the Raven. He or she is mysterious and a leader of the crossbones. He or she is also Sam Fitzsimmons father. All we know is hes dangerous, strong, and mysterious. Setting
Bachelors Grove Cemetary
Chicago, Illinois Central High School
Springfield, Missouri
Driskill Hotel
Austin, Texas Winchester House
San Jose, California Skeleton Creek, Oregon Portland, Oregon Portland was a major part in the story.
The clue Ryan finds there leads to the
discovery of the missing books in the
Jefferson library, but only after Ryan drives
fourteen hours there and back. The main
place in Portland is the underground
tunnels, where Ryan discovers, the clue and
encounters Old Joe Bush once again. Skeleton Creek is definitely where
most of the story takes place. Its small,
only 700 people and very rural. Some
talked about places in Skeleton Creek
are: the dredge- a place where gold
is developed from the local lake,
abandoned, but haunted. The library-
pretty normal and average library, until
together Ryan and Sarah discover the
missing Jefferson books there. Ryans
house- An average home, average size,
and look to it. Where Ryan does most of
his writing. The Winchester House is labelled as the most haunted
location in the United States. The story behind it is strange,
and creepy. William Wirt Winchester the treasurer of the
successful gun company, Winchester, had a family of 3. His
daughter Annie mysteriously died six weeks after her birth,
but mostly Will's wife Sarah did the greiving, because William
died only a year and a half later. Sarah was very upset and
visited a physcic a little while after, only to discover that the
Winchesters were cursed. According to the legend Sarah was
also told by the physcic that the only way to remove the curse
was to build the biggest home ever to hold all the dead spirits
that the many Winchester guns killed. The end result was
amazing! In 38 years Sarah managed to build a seven story home,
that took up 6 acres, had 160 rooms, 13 bathrooms, 6 kitchens,
40 staircases, 47 fireplaces, 2,000 doors, and 10,000 windows! The
house was also equiped with doors and staircases to no where!
Unfortunately the construction was done for good when Sarah died
in 1922. This interesting location was seen in the story when Sarah
drives there to find the fourth and final clue on her road trip. She
encountered Old Joe Bush there along with other spirits. The clue
was hidden on the seventh floor on one of many stairs to no
where. Out of all the exciting, and very haunted locations, this is
probably the one I would like to see most. People always assume allcemetarys are haunted. Some are, some aren't, but one that definitely is, is Bachelors Grove in Chicago, Illinois. Specialists have confirmed, noises, rustling, and screams when no one else is there. Either someone is trying really hard to make this abandoned cemetary look haunted, or it really is. Originally it had over 200 tombstones and bodies, but today there are less than 20. To try and prevent this local authorities closed the only road in, Bachelors Grove road, but still bodies went missing. Explain that. But graves, and tombs weren't the only things concealing bodies in Bachelors Grove....the pond in the graveyard also was rummoured to hold many bodies. The interesting part is the bodies were supposedly dumped there by mobster Al Capone. This ends up being Sarahs first stop on her trip. Along with visitng this scary location she did it at midnight, ALL ALONE! To make matters worse she had to grave dig to find the next clue also! Imagine if our school was haunted...well this is a reality for Central Highschool. The paranormal has been sensed all over the school, but mainly in one extremly haunted location... room 311. The school is notable for its exceptional academic program, and its strange dark, underground tunnels. The paranormal sensed in room 311 includes: teachers stating that they locked the door at night only to find it swaying open in the morning. There are also students claiming that they hear the door slamming, and loud screams that can be heard from outside all coming from room 311. Sarah comes to Central high school in search of the second clue. She finds the key to the clue in a lampost, and yet again it all happens very late at night. Sarah is one brave kid! The Driskill hotel is one hotel I'm sure you don't want to stay in on your next trip. For one, its very old- built just after the civil war, and its also haunted! Kernel Jess Driskill built the hotel in hopes of a huge profit, but his dreams never came true. Soon after the hotel was open his fortune went downhill, and his buisness began to fail. Soon he was unable to attract enough clients to make a profit, and lost the hotel in a poker game. The hotel is still open today but mostly the only reason people stay there is to see if they too can see the paranormal. Two of the hauntings include a girl who broke her neck when playing with a bouncy ball, people claim that they still hear her ball bouncing. The other haunting is Driskill himself who still roams the halls of his hotel. When Sarah visits this hotel she experiences another one of the locations for the paranormal in the hotel, the hall of mirrors where she finds the third clue and Old Joe Bush. She escapes but is shaken up. Themes Secrets Can Kill... Mystery.... Be Careful Who You Trust... Adventure... Themes- Secrets Can Kill

-In the story we learn along the way that knowing
something that wasn't meant for your ears can cause
injuries and near death experiences.
- Death threats, forced injuries, and close calls are all
relevant in the story, just because someone knew
something that they weren't supposed to.

- One of the main quotes of the book is: Secrets Can
Kill, and Have you ever seen or heard something you
weren't supposed to?
- In the text Ryan McCray is pushed 15 feet falling,
ending in a concussion, shattered leg, and many cuts
and bruises. Themes- Mystery

- In the text/videos there are alot of questions that
are tossed around, which Ryan have no idea what there
answers are
- The book/videos show and describe Sarah finding clues
and also alot of research goes on, which help solve
unanswered questions.

- Sarah goes searching for four clues all over the United
States, which help solve a mystery.
-Ryan goes to librarys and spends alot of time surfing the
web for clues, leads, and hints that are all part of a
mystery. Themes- Be Careful Who You Trust

-In the story there are many people who characters
confine in, only to find that they are telling lies, and
decieving them.
-The text and videos show that sometimes its only safe
to trust yourself, no matter what.

- Fitz, who Ryan became good friends with ended up
just becoming friends with Ryan to spy on him for his
father, The Raven.
-When Sarah and Ryan loose connection, it even takes
them, two best friends to regain the trust they had between
eachother Themes- Adventure

-The book and videos all together are just
big adventures. Basically all that goes on in
the book is adventure based.
-The book is a big journey thats filled with
action and adventure. Ryan and Sarah have
many adventures together.

-Sarahs whole part in the book is adventure.
She journeys across the United States in a long
tiring adventure.
-Ryan brakes the rules when hes forced to go
on an adventur of his own when hes forced to
drive 7,000 miles to Portland. Plot Fun Facts! Skeleton Creek is a real place, and so are all the other locations in the book. Ex. the library There are people who claim that this story
is not fictional.... Skeleton Creek is the first book/series to be
published with books and videos. Sarah and Ryan are both professionaly trained
actors. Patrick Carman found Skeleton Creek when his car tire popped on the way to a cottage, the idea instantly came into his head. A long time ago the dredge actually was operational and someone named Joe Bush actually did die their. Skeleton Creek is an abnormally small town of 700 people. Everyone knows everyone...maybe even too well. When Ryan and Sarah get caught up in a mystery they end up tens of thousands, miles appart, their friendship and contact lost. But when discovering a hope for closure to the mess Ryan and Sarah end in deeper than ever. The discovery, a map leading to haunted locations leads Sarah across the United States in less than a week. From Texas to California, and everywhere in between. From home Ryan does reacon while Sarah visits the four haunted locations on her way to film camp in LA. Ryan and Sarah are excellent thinkers, detectives, clue hunters, and liers, as their parents knew nothing about it. In the end the clues lead to Portland. It was to late for Sarah to travel back 5 more days, in the opposite direction, so it was Ryans turn to face his fears and visit the fifth and final haunted location. In Sarah's videos the ghost who haunts the dredge, Old Joe Bush who Sarah and Ryan think finally was ready to leave them alone appears. Can Ryan face him? Well, he doesn't have a choice. Ryan is paranoid and stuck with 3 questions:1. Who is the Raven? 2. Whats in Portland Underground? 3. Will I survive? But only time will tell....Without anyone knowing Ryan takes his moms van for the 7 hour trek to Portland. There he hopes to have his last encounter with Old Joe Bush who warns him "blood will be shed...the Raven is angry." Ryan comes home successful only to find trouble. His parents are home and upset, but not after he shows them the final clue which leads them to the second wonder of Skeleton Creek, the missing Jefferson books! But still Ryan has one unanswered question until he takes a visit to Fitz's trailer. Well more like Fitz's abandoned trailer, with a creepy note saying that his father is the Raven who forced him to follow Ryan to Portland but couldn't. So now Ryan is left all alone in Skeleton Creek, no one to trust, a death threat from a dangerous killer, and another new question, How will I survive? The End!
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