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Carrer Shadowing

By: Chelsea Malone Site: Silver Ring Cafe Mentor: Shana Dennis

Chelsea Malone

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of Carrer Shadowing

Career Shadowing at the Silver Ring Cafe
By: Chelsea malone
Period: 6
4/19/10 Mentor: Mrs. Shana Dennis
Site: the Silver ring cafe Pictures of me the Silver ring cafe: Pictures of the silver ring: The purpose of this company is
to provide the best, real cuban
sandwiches, at the lowest price. In 15 years this company will have many more branches all over Florida.
There is already a silver ring in Ybor and Tampa, and a new Silver Ring will be formed soon, in Bartow. The average person in this position makes anywhere between $15,000 to $20,000 a year, including tips. The education that is needed is a grade school education, and the basic knowledge f reading, writing, and math. The employability skills:
Be on time
Dress code (No tank-tops, shorts, or middles showing, Tennis shoes are required)
Do assigned work
Be on task
FOOD IS ALLOWED! Technology used in this job is the sandwich press, refrigerator, cash register, stove top, and microwave. Skills needed:
Social etiuette (politness, manners, and respect)
Work with technology
Make adequate foods (cubans, soups, devil crabs et cetra)
Speak english
MAJOR: Need to poilite, the customer is always right, even when they are being rude, dissrespectful, and you just want to smack them, you have to be poilte! I would pursue a job in this career for a high school/college job. From the little time I spent here I loved it! The people are so friendly and kind. Everyone knows everyone, and the friends you make are great. I wouldn't pursue this career after shcool, though becaue the pay is not enought to really support myself, well. The best thing that I like about this job is that the atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming. The people that come in are 'regulars' so everyone knows everyone. I talked to all kinds of different people, made friends, and had so much fun learning about all kinds of different people. I dislike the fact that no matter how rude the customers are to you, you have to be kind and polite. I has one really rude lady telling me the tea was too sweet, then not sweet enough, but I just had to keep saying, "Ohh, sorry Mam, I will fix it. I really didn't like that at all! Fun facts:
Pom From leaves are used on the Cubans. These leaves look like little hairs, so you always get people complaining about hairs, but really they're the seasoning leaves.
Cubans were formed in Ybor, Florida, Not Cuba!
Cuban bread uses 4 different types of flour. Silver ring in Ybor THE END!!!!
Thank-You for watching
my presentation! Cuban bread was invented during the great depression.
Cuban bread can only be made at a certain sea level, so you will never see a cuban shop up North, or too far south.
Florida is the best place in the world to make Cubans, because of the sea level.
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