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No description

Tom Chang

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of KFC in CHINA

About KFC KFC entered China in 1987 1.Utilize chain business model
2.100% localize employees
3.Build Education Development Center China utilizes western culture - Service training Glocalization-NEW FAST FOOD Glocalization-NEW FAST FOOD Glocalization 2.Franchisee pays 1.Many different owners share 3.The parent company provides support KFC in ASIA The first store opend in 1973 June
Two years ,11 stores.
All the store short down in 1975 Feb

After ten years,they come back again KFC in Hong Kong What’s different after they come back? 1.Joint venture=>franchise
2.A lot of market research
3.A specific target market
4.Localize serves KFC in Hong Kong With two years, KFC has quickly opened 716 branch stores in Hong Kong, which takes the rate of one-tenth of the all world KFC in Hong Kong Difference--McDonald’s McDonald’s use the Standardized Equipment to ensure the products always be Standardized
McDonald’s has many difference product for the consumers Difference--KFC KFC’s fried chicken is use two way to attract consumers First : Fresh Chicken、Two : Handmade-Fried Chicken Social Responsibility Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Background 610133007 610133013 610133014 610133016 Nick Wu Roger Tsai Tom Chang Brian Peng International Business THANK YOU
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