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History of Al-jabr


Mashael AL Johani

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of History of Al-jabr

By Mashael

-Algebra is the branch of mathematics solving equations.
-Leo Corry: ideas and techniques to solve equations

The Hindu number system:

Algebra in the past

Algebra today

Algebra in the real World

Without algebra



Picture referencing
Without Algebra
- Bridges,houses would not hold

- Computers,smart phones, and other electronic devices would not work

Any question

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The Application of Algebra; Past & Present
Algebra today

Algebra in the past

-Helped the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids

-AL-Khwarizmi named algebra, 18 th century

- The golden age of knowledge, Flemming

-Used algebra to create art across the Middle East

-Diophantus, "father of algebra"-O'connor and Robertson

-Omar Khayyam developed algebra further

Picture Referencing
Algebra in the real World
-Algebra started in ancient civilizations
- Al-Khwarizmi was prominent in development of algebra
-There are many arguments for and against this
-Algebra influenced monumental works of art
-Without algebra everyday life would be difficult
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