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the Innovators (b)

No description

Balázs Turai

on 22 December 2012

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Transcript of the Innovators (b)

Adam was a music aficionado
growing up in 80's Budapest He studied architecture, but became
disillusioned with square pedagogical
methods. He applied to study in Sweden,
where dogmas and rulers were
replaced by hacking and building One of these presentations happened
to be watched by a misterious figure
with innovative thoughts on his mind. This is terrible . ...but also
terribly interesting. His architectural skills now served a more exciting purpose: Hundreds of cheap plastic penguin
walkie-talkies are modified to create
an interactive sound installation. presented at the 2006 Venice Biennale
discussing contemporary architecture These are not your everyday songbirds. childhood Sweden freedom Budapest architect artist interactive systems and he never looked back the the The Entrepreneur HP started coding at an early age
on the computer built by his dad. he would later study
electrical engineering
at university and build databases at
the department of sociology one day he was chatting over a coffee with
media critic Péter György, whose phone rang. Sorry, I'll call you back. I'm working now. ( it wasn't an excuse ) It made HP realize that simply talking and thinking about problems is, in fact, work. ...and work that
interests him a lot. HP heard him say: Adam went on to become a renown media-artist, presenting his projects around the globe. So he continued researching this field,
doing a PhD about search engines and
computational linguistics and started sharing his
findings as a university teacher after working as a developer for
large projects such as Origo.hu Your idea is great, but the
technology is horrible. You could make this into a
software that anyone can use. And I can help you do it. Cool! Slurp Adam and HP became friends and exchanged ideas. Together, they founded or KIBU is a new media lab for researchers, developers and artists who get funding and technology to work together on their own experimental telecommunications projects. Kitchen Budapest ...and one of KIBU's first
research projects was called ZUI Prezi for Zooming U User Interface the prototype for Computers + Communication a zooming presentation editor with Robin Nagy, Attila Nemes and Eszter Bircsák They sold
the KIBU idea using a prezi prototype... (Peter Haláacsy) KIBU Peter A Hungarian boy growing up in Sweden, He was a conflicted child, hesitating between the arts working on a 'theory of everything' science He realized mobile phones could be the perfect devices for reading news and
watching videos on the go. so he worked on the world's first
mobile phone newsreader apps
and even a mobile viewer
for TED talks. Frustrated with the lack of medical information
available to Swedish
hospital patients
and doctors,
Peter and friends created omvard.se,
an award winning
healthcare database. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Then HP met Peter on a job interview. HP rejected the offer, but told Peter about his "zooming presentations" project and asked for some advice on building products and companies. might this be the opportunity
to build a globally successful
company based in Hungary? He decided: yes. a Hungarian
in Sweden the Theory of almost Everything around the world Innovation
from Hungary! INNOVATORS the a documentary in PreziVision TM Artist the search for poetry in high-tech, contemporary culture. He found slide-based presentations limiting
so he designed and built an open, zoomable canvas
to help showcase his work. Adam, and so we come to... Scientist HP, On a conference,
he saw Adam use
one of his
zooming presentations: Peter, that is. and So when he met HP he thought: For some time, Peter
had been struggling with
the prejudice that nothing good can come out of Hungary. which happened
to be just the
thing for Peter (this was way before iPhones) He became convinced
of one thing, though: humanity everything great about sharing people starts with ideas learned early on about how people view those who are a bit different. , So he convinced HP and Adam to leave their jobs
and make zooming available for anyone
who wanted to develop and share their own ideas Today Prezi is a renown, cash flow-positive, Hungarian-US company >17 million >100 ...with an impressive growth curve! Peter Arvai Peter Halacsy Adam Somlai-Fischer >170 000 prezis created daily users employees Ideas matter.
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