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Love and Sacrifice

No description

Leah Pratt

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Love and Sacrifice

Love and Sacrifice
By Becky, Bryon, Leah, and Maddy

Our Volunteer Experience
Someone you give lots of kisses
its a heart
I only love my pokemon
I love my family, even though they don't love me
We asked kids what love meant to them
And what they would sacrifice for people they love
School, then I could be home and play with them
My tea set
My slippers
I'd sing them the fox song
A piece of paper
If they were sick, a Kleenex
My dad's wallet so I don't have to give my own money
Cleaning my room
My broken DS because I don't care about it anymore
Sacrifice: "He followed the leash to where the 90-pound dog’s body lay twitching in the dirt, but there was
something wrong with the picture.
Dinomt’s head and neck had been blown off."

Love: "Petty Officer Williams, a Navy dog handler, hit the ground with a smack 20 feet back. He
popped up and started running forward again."
Anchor Text #1
Anchor Text #2
Love: The two were married for 65 years. The couple had known each other as children and began their courtship as pen pals while Harold, known as "Doc," served in the Army during World War II. Ruth would later joke: "I let him chase me until I caught him!"
Anchor Text #3
Source: A Worn Path, by: Eudora Welty
Love: The love the grandma had for her grandson was proven by the fact that she put him before herself.

Sacrifice: In order to bring her grandson the medicine he need to save his life, she sacrificed her own.
Anchor Text #4
Source: Love, by: William Maxwell
Source: Ohio Couple, article from The Huffington Post
Source: Dog of War, by: Elliott Barber
Love: William and his class showed proof of their love for Miss Brown by visiting her at her home when she was sick. William showed that the love lasted forever by writing about her when he got older.
Empathy - ability to understand/share the feelings of others
Endearment - expressing affection
Surrender - the act of giving something up
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