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Healthy Eating Habits ( Band 6 )

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Nawma Nur Atiqah Wajihah

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Eating Habits ( Band 6 )

Nutritious Food &
Healthy Eating Habits 1~ Nutritious Food ? Examples of Nutritious Food ! The Importants Of Eating Nutritious Food 2~ Healthy Eating Habits Negative Effects Of Not Eating Nutritious Food THE END ! Nutrition is the provision, to cells and organisms, of the materials necessary to support life. Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with good nutrition.
Eating a healthy nutritious diet has been shown over and over to prevent a variety of diseases, including cancer. Good nutrition is vital to good health, disease prevention, and essential for healthy growth and development of children and adolescents. Healthy eating is important from the day we are born. As a child, we grow quite rapidly and this is due in part to the foods we eat. Foods all contain nutrients that provide us not only with fuel to live our daily lives, but also with the very substances that build our bones, muscles, and organ tissues. Not getting enough of one nutrient or another can cause a variety of problems, including stunting our growth. For mothers who are nursing, nutrition is important because breast milk contains the nutrients a child needs to grow and develop properly. Upon growing older, these nutrients are then found in food, but don't think that healthy eating isn't important for growth after you've gone through puberty. Cells continuous break down and rebuild, so healthy eating for growth continues to be important until the day we die. Maintaining function is also not important without healthy eating. In out daily lives, we use energy to think, walk, talk, breathe, and perform any other action. The energy it takes our body to do these things comes from two places: fat reserves in the body or our daily food intake. If you don't eat healthy foods, you will find that you are storing more fat that necessary or that you aren't getting enough and you feel sluggish or weak. Along with energy-providing nutrients, like fats and carbohydrates, we also need the right nutrients to allow our organs to do their jobs. Hormones and other substances in the body make sure that everything is working properly. If you don't eat the right nutrients, your body cannot produce these hormones and, as a result, cannot function properly. 1 . Make a list of allowed foods and another list of foods to avoid Unhealthy
2 . Eat regular meals3 . Go for healthy snacks
4 . Reduce salt intake
5 . Cook healthy food in a variety of ways
6 . Involve everybody in meal planning
7 . Have a wide variety of nutritious foods in the house Breakfast
A glass of fresh orange juice
A bowl of whole grain cereals
Skimmed milk
Slices of brown Bread
Slices of low fat cheese
Fruit e.g. Banana

Whole wheat Bread
Roasted chicken
Steamed vegetables
Green Salad
Low Fat yoghurt

Grilled Fish
Sautéed Vegetables
Mixed salad
Fresh Fruit Salad Group Member's :
* Amirah Nadiah Binti Mohd Rahmat
* Nur Adlina Syahirah Binti Mohd Nazri
* Nur Atiqah Wajihah Binti Mohd Azhan
* Nur Najihah Binti Abdul Halim
* Sharifah Insyirah Nabilah Ways To Practise It Balanced Menu For : Enjoyy !
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