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Volunteers on the schedule

How volunteers on the schedule can benefit from using the KnowNET.

Kady MacFarlane

on 7 July 2010

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Transcript of Volunteers on the schedule

Loging in all one word, all lowercase So you're on the schedule, about to leave for an exciting assignment, what can the KnowNET do for
you now? First, let's review how to use the KnowNET e-mail address first initial, last name all one word, all lower case Navigating from the first page Announcements show up on the right hand side and as tab in the top left. Documents appear as a tab on the top left The Documents tab contains the most information for volunteers

So let's look at that page... The Documents Page Looks like this... You'll see all recent documents here, in the main screen Over here, in the blue section, are Folders and Sub-Folders Pick your sub-specialty and there'll be a drop down menu... In the Program Folder there are three subfolders... Orientation A description for each program that includes goals of the program, on-site contact information, background information and other things pertinent to the program. The Orientation Folder will often have a collection of cultural resources for the country where the program is located. There are also links to the US State Department, Embassies and the CDC Teaching Materials Powerpoint lectures from previous volunteers List of previous volunteers and their lecture topics and Trip Reports Trip reports are turned in by volunteers upon completetion of their assignment. They include a summary of activites, living conditions, cross-cultural interactions, and suggestions for future volunteers. There reports are one of the most comprehensive ways to learn about the volunteer expereince. There's more to documents than just program specific materials! Check out the educational and professional development materials too... Resources for global health, medical volunteerism and other issues pertinent to becoming an informed world citizen and global helathcare provider. Professional development resources designed to help you become the best instructor possible. HVO also works with our sponsoring orginizations to provide speciality specific resources for health care providers. Explore the Documents section of the KnowNET to find more postings of interest to you! Before you leave, the KnowNET provides a one-stop, complete and thorough orientation; it prepares you to be the best volunteer possible.
When you return from your placement, explore the KnowNET's resources further to take full advantage of the lectures and professional developement materials provided by your colleagues. Are you a member of HVO and not on the KnowNET? Contact Kady MacFarlane at k.macfarlane@hvousa.org
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