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Portola The Explorer

No description

Diana Louie

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Portola The Explorer

Portola's Journey Portola's History Portola's Journey Ends Portola lived from approximately 1723 to 1786. He came from Spain. Portola was in the Spanish army and he became governor of Baja California. Portola headed the Sacred Expedition for the Spanish government to establish settlements at San Diego and Monterey. He traveled from Baja California all the way up to San Francisco Bay and explored from May 15, 1769 to January 24, 1770, more than six months and 1,200 miles. He traveled on a route that later became El Camino Real and Highway 101. When they traveled along the river they felt lots of earthquakes and named the river Rio de los Temblores. Portola named another river in a place that was later named Los Angeles. The explorer also saw San Luis Obispo and saw grizzly bears so he named it Canada de los Osos which means Valley of the Bear. Along the shore they named a big rock El Morro. They missed Monterey Bay because the description that Vizcaino gave was not identical to what they found. Three weeks after October 7, he found out that he missed Monterey Bay because he saw Point San Pedro. He headed south on November 11. He stopped at Monterey Bay again still thinking that it’s not Monterey Bay and stayed from November 28 to December 11. Even though he thought it wasn’t Monterey Bay, he put a cross on a hill nearby the beach. On the way back, they traded clothes with the Chumash Tribe to get food. Later, Portola was convinced by Vila that Monterey Bay was the same place where he put the cross. The explorer went back to Monterey Bay to start the mission. The cross that Portola put in the ground was surrounded by Indian arrows and shellfish. Portola's Travel The explorer met the Chumash tribe who gave them gifts of fish, seeds, and acorn mash. They gave the Indians beads and ribbons. What He Encountered Portola's Accomplishments After the missions where established, he left California and left Lt. Fages in charge of the missions so he can head home to Mexico. After he left, Portola never came back to California again. Map of Portola's journey Portola on the go The Chumash Tribe Map where Portola went Portola and about him Portola Portola's words Portola and the Spanish army He founded two settlements in San Diego and Monterey Bay. He was the first explorer to travel by land up to San Francisco and named many places along the way.
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