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Justice Smiley

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Pocahontas

by: Justice Smiley

Cool Facts
The name Pocahontas means "playful one."
Her real name was Matoaka.
She married John Rolfe.
Her son became a very important settler in Virginia.
She died of unknown illness in England.

Early Life
Pocahontas was the daughter of chief Powhatan
She did not save John Smith she was maintaining peace between him and her tribe
She got married to John Rolfe
Her real name is Matoaka
She was in the Powhatan tribe
"Where you not afraid to come into my fathers country, and caused fear in him and all his people and fear you here I should call you father: I tell you I will be forever and ever your countryman."
Her Fame
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Why She Is Remembered
She is remembered because she married John Rolfe.
She made peace between her tribe and the Jamestown people.
She was one of the first people in her tribe to convert to Christianity.
She got married to John Rolfe
She made peace between her tribe and the Jamestown people
Her son became a very important settler in Virginia
Definition: A person who has been persuaded to change their religious faith or other beliefs.

Example: He is a new convert to the church.
Definition: A disease or period if sickness affecting the body or mind.

Example: He died after a long illness.
Definition: Provide with necessities for life or existence.

Example: If you maintain your car it will last for many years.
Definition: A person who settles in an area, typically one with no or few previous inhabitants.

Example: The man said that he was a settler from Virginia.
Definition: Take into one’s possession or control by force.

Example: The Russians captured 13,000 men.
Pocahontas's birth
Event #1:Pocahontas was born in 1597.
Pocahontas made peace
Event #2:Pocahontas made peace between the Jamestown people and the Powhatan tribe in the early 1600’s.
Pocahontas gets captured
Event #3:Pocahontas got captured by the English in 1613.
Pocahontas gets married
Event #4:Pocahontas married John Rolfe on April 5, 1614.
Pocahontas's death
Event #5:Pocahontas died from illness in 1617.
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