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SF prezi

No description

Mathias Arkayin

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of SF prezi

Bridging technology and humanity
The leader of the Digital Experiences niche
With a good qualification process:

•New client acquisition will be
streamlined and replicatable.

•Onboarding will be faster and more uniform.
Drive the strategy
by a core vision
that flows in everyone's DNA.
As Vectorform grows, it will:
Open offices to serve new markets.
Hire employees to take on more and bigger projects.
Needed: Clear growth strategy.

Every person: Driven by the same WHY.
General Rule: Focus on PAST customers assuming that satisfied customers become more loyal over time, and only on NEW customers when they 1) require VF expertise and 2) generate sufficient profit and ROI.
There are many companies in the industry that compete in many niches. By capitalizing on its strengths, Vectorform can become the leader of a specific niche and thereby differentiate itself.
“Our engagements range from design discovery, light research, and testing or information architecture to building a $4 million prototype,” Steckling notes. “We average about 40 active projects across the company on any given month, from the mundane to the really groundbreaking.”
Focus: Strengths
“We realized we didn’t just have to build websites, that we could develop software too. We could pitch anything and then build it and sell it.”
Strategy in Design and Mission...
Focus: growing industries
Projects targeted only to the fastest Growing Co's in Health, UI, Gaming and Education will build a portfolio and repeat client base for long term residual projects and monetization.
How can VF refine and focus
strategic growth?

Tablet apps
Golf eCatalog iPad app
Talent Project iPad app
NBC News Windows app
Red Bull Windows app
Toolbox Windows app
Rowi Windows app
Interactive Gaming Apps

Innovative Expertise

290+ professionals working out of 14 offices in 11 countries
Designit is a global strategic design firm
hell-bent on solving the world’s most intriguing problems.
Adaptive Path is a user experience design firm that helps companies deliver great experiences for their customers.
~35 employees in San Francisco and Austin
Smart Design is an innovation consulting firm that helps businesse make a meaningful difference in how people live, learn, work and play.
51-200 employees in New York, San Francisco and Barcelona
Companies competing in the Digital Experiences category
Refine the brand
Let's ride the wave of opportunity together...
1. Employee burnout and strain on company morale
2. Customer dissatisfaction from declining quality of customer service
3. Mistakes become more expensive
4. Overspending on rising HR and overhead costs
Vectorform must only accept NEW customers that fulfill BOTH conditions: 1) require VF expertise and 2) generate expected profit over $500,000
These NEW customers are NOT appropriate because they only fulfill one condition.
Vectorform can accept PAST customers that do not fulfill either condition.
Galactic Alliance
Drift n' Drive

Meet Me
Vectorform DJ

Marty the Monkey
Google Glass Technology
What Vectorform Does....
the experts..
Fostering the growth
has its benefits...
Parent Company
This includes companies that you've already worked with
Parent Company requires assistance in HR overhaul
not a typical Vectorform client request, no impactful gains
New Customer interface design
Parent requires a revisioning process relating to designing their new branch (think, Marty the Monkey)
Parent decides to expand to strategically poor industry

Vectorform's long term-vision sees one-term deal (or none at all)
Mobile Application
Parent company wishes to expand to create a mobile presence
Mobile Application expansion
Copycats and innovative design leads to new opportunities related to initial parent company application
Bridging Medicine and Psychology and people
New Design potential unlocked! Using Psychology and medicine to innovate
Risks of Expanding Fast
Simon Sinek: Start with Why
Without one...
What is your purpose?
Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?
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