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Plant Cell Mall

- Science 10 project. My class was given a project that asked you to create a presentation that displayed an analogy between all of the organelles of a Plant cell and the structure of a mall.

Nicole Smith

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Plant Cell Mall

By: Breann Dutchak
Nicole Smith The Plant Cell Mall Cell Membrane: Cell Wall: Nucleus: Nuclear Membrane: Mitochondrion: Cytoplasm: Endoplasmic Reticulum: Ribosome: Vacuole: Lysosome: Chloroplast: The cell wall is the outter layer of the cell that has a rigid, strong, and stiff texture made of cellulose. The infrastructure of a mall is an extremely strong and rigid assemblely that protects the inside of the mall from external weather that might damage it. Both of these are very similar to eachother because they both protect the interier of the mall and cell. Located inside the cell wall, the cell membrane is selectively permeable. Correspondingly, the doors for entering and exiting a mall The nucleus of a cell is much like the headquarters/control room in a mall. They both control all of the activities that will occur inside of the mall and the cell. The mall's headquarters/control room is surrounded and protected by the security guards. Similarly, the nucleur membrane surrounds the nucleus and protects it from invading bacteria. Surrounding the Nucleus, the nuclear membrane
controls the movement of materials inside and outside of the Nucleus. The security guards in a mall surround the mall's headquarters/control room and protect it from invaders. Accordingly, the nuclear membrane in a cell and the security guards in a mall have similar functions that they carry out. Is a clear, thick, jellylike
material that supports and protects all of the cell's organelles. The cytoplasm in a cell is a jellylike substance that supports and protects all of the cell's organells. In a mall, mall cops ensure safety by protecting all the people within the mall. Therefore, they are similar to eachother because of the protecting function they both fullfill. An endoplasmic reticulum in a cell and the plumbing and electrical wiring in a mall are very alike. For instance, the endoplasmic reticulum is made up of a network of tubes, which transport materials throughout the cell.
The plumbing and electrical
wiring transports the electricity
and waste throughout the mall. The ribosome is very much
like the electricity that is
generated for use in a mall. The reason for this
is because each of these produce energy for the mall and cell. The vacuole is similar to the food court in the mall because
both provide food and
water for people and
organelles throughout
the mall and the cell. A mitochondrion in a cell is like the waste and recycling bins in a mall because
they both are used to break down materials and create energy out
of them to reuse. The lysosome consists of a membrane that breaks down large food molecules and digest old cell parts. Inside of a mall, the washrooms are very similar to lysosomes because they break down waste that is left from people. Chloroplast contains chlorophyll and uses energy from the sun to make food for the plant using the process of photosynthesis. The solar panels, located on the roof of a mall, are similar to chloroplast because it absorbs energy from
the sun and converts it into useful energy for electricity that is used throughout the mall.
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