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Shipping Hong Kong 2012

No description

Adam T

on 28 July 2011

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Transcript of Shipping Hong Kong 2012

Further thoughts??? The Concept 13% year-on-year growth in container volumes at Hong Kong Port Hong Kong's Advantage Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta The fastest growing region in China China is now No.1 in shipbuilding Hong Kong is business.
Shipping accounts for 90% of world trade Shipping Hong Kong is a commercially driven enterprise - all about “deal flow” and networking 46 High Speed Craft sail to 18 ports in the delta area Busiest area for ferry traffic in the world About seven million passengers a year Average of 68,000 passengers per day Ports Shipowners Shipbuilding 3rd largest container port in the world Total estimated capacity of 24m TEUs at Kwai Tsing Port Hong Kong Shipping Register represents over 1,300 vessels Asian seaborne trade = $5 trillion in 2010 COSCO is the Asian shipowner whose fleet made the most calls during 2010 Chinese seaborne trade > $2 trillion China trade = 23% of global total Asia had 42% of container port callings in 2010 China imported 166 million tonnes of coal and 620 million tonnes of iron ore in 2010 Japan and South Korea take 50% global LNG imports All three also account for 88% of
all tanker and bulker
newbuild orders China, South Korea and Japan - top three shipbuilding nations China's 12 year development plan marks PRD as a center for international shipping, logistics and trade PRD exports more than $111 billion worth of goods worldwide 18% of China's inland river freight comes in from the PRD Ferries The Content Shipbuilding Design
and Technology Addressing key industry issues with relevant conferences Crew Training and Recruitment Shipping Hong Kong is a concept born of necessity Hong Kong is still the global centre for shipping Asia accounted for 55% of global seaborne trade by value in 2010 Hong Kong is historically the heart of Asian shipping Hong Kong - China gateway conferences, forums, meetings and exhibitions 80% of commercial ships are built in China, South Korea and Japan China Shipowner's Association has 186 members operating around 58 million dwt Guangzhou -
Over 12.5m TEUs in 2010
Reaching 350 ports in over 80 countries Hong Kong Port handled 45.5m tons of dry bulk in 2008 Hong Kong is the only fully-developed deep-water port between Shanghai and Singapore Shenzhen -
Now largest port in South China
22.5m TEUs in 2010
Over 300 shipping lines call at the port 4th largest flag in the world -
over 58 million GT in Jan 2011 400 weekly container liner services
Over 500 destinations worldwide 5 days of showcasing the shipping industry in Asia - 13.7% of World's seafarers are from the Indian Sub-Continent Seafarers 33.4% of World's Seafarers are from the Far East 275,000 Filipinos make up 20% of the World's seafarers Asia supplies 47% of World's seafarers BIMCO Manower 2010 update
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