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Franklin Chang Diaz

No description

Agassi Student

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Franklin Chang Diaz

This is what Franklin's career is.
This is him in NASA
These are more pictures of him
This is his profile
Fun fact
Franklin Diaz was a at astroanaunt and a scientist
More fun facts
Franklin was born in San Jose,Costa Rica.
He was born on April 5,1950.
Franklin's birth and childhood.
Franklin was born April 5,1950,in San Jose,Costa Rica,to the late Mr. Ramon A. Chang Morales and Mrs. Maria Eugenia Diaz De Chang. He was one of six children,he wanted to become an astonaut sice he was seven.He sat outside the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica listening to radio broadcast between Honston mission contol and the Mercury and Gemini space crews.He played astonauts with his cousin,using a cardboad box fo a space ship.
Major accomplishments
Franklin Chang Diaz was the first Hispanic-American astronaut.He made several trips to space for NASA and developed plasma propulusion.He was also involved in flight in flight software checkout at the Shuttle Avionics Integration Labortory and participated in the early space station design studies.
Why these accomplishments are important
These accomplishments are important because he was the first hispanic to be an astronaut.This is important because he made several trips to space for the NASA.He also developed plasma propulusion.These are very rare experiences and acheivments.His last accomplishment that is important is he was a recipient of the University of Connecticut.



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