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Your Bacon Me Crazy By Suzanne Nelson

No description

leonna gaday

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Your Bacon Me Crazy By Suzanne Nelson

In the Book Your Bacon Me Crazy by Suzanna Nelson, The main characters are Tesse, Asher, Mei, and Chloe(aunt). After coming back from spring break, with Tesse and her aunt working at a food truck, a lot of bad things start to happen. First when Asher starts working at the food truck with Tesse, things don't go so well with them. As well with Tesse and her mother when they get in an argument about school work, and food. The food festival that Tesse and her aunt have been dieing to go to, is now not going to happen. Since the food festival is closing, the food truck will have to close. Last, Tesse and Mei were best friends before but not anymore. Can she solve it all? Will she be able to get along with Asher, save the Food Festival, and become friends again with Mei? Will there be romance involved? She's small, but that doesn't mean she can't do anything big.
Character Traits
The character traits affect the plot because in my opinion, the turning point of the story wouldn't have happened if Tesse had different character traits. Tesse's character traits are bossy(sometimes), respectful, honest, determined, persuasive,smart,fearless, tough, and compassionate. now, if Tesse wasn't brave or fearless and instead shy, she wouldn't have been a hero in the book. They're a lot of things that could've change if Tesse's character traits were different in the book. For instance, if Tesse wasn't honest (and i mean like REALLY honest) her and Asher wouldn't have the same relationship they have now in the book.

• Tesse is bossy in her work at the food truck/ Mei is her bestfriend who is into fashion/her mother is jealous of Tesse/Asher is a snobby popular guy at school/ Tesse works at a food truck with her aunt/ Asher and Tesse cannot get along at all

Inciting Incident: Asher starts working at the food truck/ the food festival is not going to happen

Rising Action
Asher keeps on messing up, and keeps on having an attitude and getting in the way/ sometimes when they are getting along, it turns around/ Asher keeps on being late/ Tesse can't do anything about moving the San Fran festival/ Chloe who works with Tesse at the food truck, she might close the food truck/Massie(popular) is saying she found a cockroach in her food truck/less people keep on coming

Tesse and Asher are getting along with each other

Falling Action
• Asher helps Tesse save the food festival and they work together, and didn't even fight/ they got a politician of a lot of people to help save the food festival/ Tesse and Asher don't fight anymore. Hanging out together more/ Asher caught Massie on camera admitting that there is no cockroach in the truck which made a little more people came/Tesse was selling more food/ Food festival is around the corner

• The food festival is on that day and Tesse's food truck is in the competition/Tesse and Asher win the trophy of the food festival/Tesse and Chloe don't have to close the truck anymore/ Asher kisses Tesse and says he likes her/ Asher apologizes of all the things he has done wrong

Setting Influences Mood
The conflicts in the book You're Bacon Me Crazy, are a lot about Tesse dealing with life. Such as:
Person vs. Person
• Tesse and Asher are mad at each other:
Asher keeps being clumsy and has an attitude with it
• Tesse is angry at the restaurant guy cause he's moving the festival to the food festival:
Tesse and her aunt have been waiting for 3 years to get into the Food Festival
• Tesse is mad at Mei for spending too much time with her bf:
She is disappointed/upset because Mei is her only friend, and now she's gone
• Tesse is mad at her mom:
When her mother suspended her from going to the Food truck, Tesse immidietly got furious!
• Mad at Massie for lying about a bug in the food truck: W
hen things just couldn't get worse, the popular girl was on the news and said their was a rodent in the food truck. Which caused the food truck because barely anybody came.

Person vs. Technology
• The food truck might be closed-bills paying up:
Since the Food Festival is closing, and with the news of Massie, the truck maybe closing because nobody is buying their food.
• Chloe can't afford to keep the food truck:
Since nobody is coming, they don't have enough money to pay the Truck bills.
• Tesse can't work at the food truck for a while:
When Tesse forgot to study for a test that is tomorrow, her mother got mad and punished her with not being able to work at the Food truck.

Your Bacon Me Crazy By Suzanne Nelson
By: Leana Godoy

I think setting influences mood because the setting is an important place and if there was no setting, there wouldn't really be a climax or difference between a relationship. For instance, on page 83, Tesse and Asher WERE against each other. but when Tesse took Asher to a valley garden full of vegetables, they really got to know each other, and Asher wasn't as bossy and rude anymore and started telling Tesse things other poeple don't know about. it all depends on where you're at, like if you're at the beach you would be relaxed and calm, but if you're at like a loud, dark place, YOU WOULD BE THE TOTAL OPPOSSITE.
One of the theme's in the book is anyone can make a change, and/or about heroes. my evidence to that is you don't have to be famous to be a hero, and to make a change, you don't have to be strong, smart, or sly. anybody can be a hero, and anybody can make a change no matter how small or how big they are. To be a hero, you just need to be brave, and have courage in yourself, and wisdom. The same about anybody can amke a change. In all, doesn't matter who you are, if you're in the shadows or not. It doesn't matter who you are.
I think people should read this book because it's about somebody life. If you love romance and comedy, YOU SHOULD READ IT. It is also about friendship ( so if youre that kind of person who likes reading books about making a difference READ IT.) Last, it is also about alittle competition and popularity, but mostly romance. SO IF YOU LOVE ALL OF THOSE ABOVE, READ IT. YOU JUST NEED TO. (About a girls life, and how to handle things like BOYS.)
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