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sungwon JOO

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of globalization

ON THINKING INTERNET ON MUSIC What is globalization? What is culture?
Globalization is a process of connecting the things together for the better world. In a small term, it helps to connect people, and in big term, it connects companies, governments in different nations and even business and economic situations.

By the globalization, it gives effect on the environment, on culture, on political systems, economic development and prosperity and on human being in each society all over the world.

--> by people knowing the Korean foods (restaurants
and products), they can be interested about Korean culture.
also, by exporting those multinational companies,
Korean economy can earn more money on exporting. Danger of traditional food dilution Easy to make
'my culture'
globalised there are some BBQ restaurants
in Singapore. in the restaurant,
they can see some Korean words and also they can listen to Korean music. This is the easiest way to show Korea to the world. Example 1 Singapore is a country
where uses English as their
national language with other
3 different languages. So they
have very active trade with
other nations, so that their
economy has developed higher
than other countries.
Even more, it is the easiest
country to do a business. English bacame
national language Able to download
the songs from
other countries Example 1 Example 1 Singapore also has lots of different
international schools. it is happening because
lots of businesses and lots of multinational companies
are exist in Singapore, so many adults are working. So,
their kids will come along with them, and usuallysent
to the international schools. As the internet service became
more convinience and provides
the faster service, the more people
are using them. So that we can even
enjoy our leisure time in the internet,
including listening to music. As the trade between nations
has more active, English became
the essential language for the
better understandings between
different nations. So that in each
countries, they are trying to make
the English as national language.

However, as the English became
more important, their national
languages' own scarcity is dilluting. On the other hand, Singapore
is having a problem with having
their own culture. As they are
closed to Malaysia and Indonesia, their culture is mostly same as theirs, and even the language they use is quite ambiguous. Becuase they are using English, Malay, Chinese or Hindi, but all of them are from different countries. Not Singaporeans' own language. My culture is... There are various type of Korean foods
in Korea. I can enjoy many different
tastes, and Koreans are very proud of
our own foods scarcity. Because it is
our own food. KOREAN FOODS LOTS OF TRADITIONS! Korea have a longest history among the
other Asian countries. So that there are lots
of traditions in everything relate to our
real life. Such as foods, houses and even
clothes. we used to wear Hanbok (Korean
traditional costume) in our real life. and live
in a Hanok (traditional housing).
We are still keeping the form of those
traditions to keep our culture from dilution. Example 2 Lots of products has been
exported. Many of them are
quite popular among the
foreign customers. Products
has been changed slightly,
to make it more suitable for
the foreign culture. As the globalization occurs in all over
the world, we can buy more kinds of
foods. Even though, Starbucks is a
American brand coffee, we can still
buy them in Korea or Singapore.
However, as the people gets more chance
to taste the foods from other countries,
the traditional food in their own culture
has to lower the price so that people can
buy them. It is the main reason that makes
the economy situation in local community
became worse. The Problem which is happening
by the globalization is cultural dilution. Let's look at 5 different cases
that shows the effect of globalization
to the culture 1. Shows the world
through TV Global television is a TV that
shows the programmes in the
all over the world. Not only news
or something serious, but also
Drama or more intertaining programmes.
By this global television, we can see what
we never experience, or even more we
can know how the other side of the world
acts or thinks differently with themsevles. more opportunity to
make 'our songs' globalized There are lots of sites that can upload the musics or videos
into the internet. So that people also can upload the music
from their own cultures, and share with the whole different
people in the world. It helps to communicate with each
other and preserve their own music styles.
So that it makes the music culture more develop. more opportunity to
have active communication
with global world By using English as important as the national
languages, we can communicate better with
the other countries. As i can see from the chart,
Singapore, which uses English as their national
language, is most developed on their economical
situation, and also it is one of the most actively
communicating country in the world. chart 1 )
Flexibility of the government policy
as the economical situation changes. Singapore (1st) Island (2nd) Denmark (3rd) Ireland (4th) Korea (48th) ..... Example 1 CNN is a world wide news
that tell us eveyday about the
new accidents and things that
are happening on each date.
We can know what is going on
through watching CNN. Example 2 Dramas shows each countries culture. We can see the teens life in Britain through watching 'Skins'. Pros Cons --> This is the comment that i could found in 'Youtube'.
he is talking about the Korean traditional song 'Arirang',
and he is saying that he liked it, and even more, he is thinking
positively about the Korean, just because of this song. 2. 3. 4. 5. Especially for me... Example 3 In Lucca, Italy, the government has
prohibited to open the new foreign
restaurants in the city. The reason is
they want to preserve their own traditional foods and as the result, it was more successful!! More immigrant/
emmigrant What is
Interconnectedness? Inter means between and
Connects means to make something contact.
So interconnectedness means to connect between something that has common thing with. as travelling between different countries became
easier by the developing transportation system,
the number of immigrant ot emmigrant has increased.
People move to other countries in many reasons.
for the better environment to study
for the better job
more opportunities
new experience
However, when young kids come to aboard,
they adopt in the new environment
in a short time. So that they learn the
cultural activities in that country, not
the origin culture from their own. In international schools, there are many activities that students can share their cultures. even learn the culture from the country where they are living in. UN night is the most typical example for sharing traditions. CONCLUSION
about this presentation Referencing
In this presentation, i could find many facts
about globalization and culture. Their relationship
is very closely related in many ways. By the globalization, the techniques and communication in
each nations has developed highly, also they have grown economically. However, the scarcity of each countries' own culture is slowly dilluting. So we have to find a way to be more 'preserve the culture and keep globalize the world!' Be proud of nationality
use the product from their own countries.
speak proper language (from their culture)
share different cultures through media Things To Do!!!! TNC Transnational Corporation Transnational Corporations refers to having a smaller chain stores or companies in anywhere in the world. TNC deserves quite big part in the globalized world and also economy. what is TNC? Culture is a basic system for each individual’s identities.

As the people lives, they belong in a society and community. The Smallest group can be a family and the bigger groups can describe as their occupations and their nations. Inside their communities, people could teach themselves how to live or how to think. That gives the identities for each of them. FIRST!!
Multinational companies refers to TNC* This is about food culture affect by the multinational companies. As the world globalized, people get more chance to experience new things. Tasting different kinds of food is also the example of that. It is very positive thing to experience wide range of world. Another positive thing is people in another countries can also experience my cultural food. By sharing the food culture, people can know different type of foods and even more, it helps to let them know about the culture. On the other hand, by the multinational companies having their business in different countries, some of the countries are facing the danger of dilution of their own traditional foods & restaurants. SUMMARY This is about languages affected by the openness of world trade. Openness of trade refers to have more communications with other nations. As there are more communications, English is using as a common language between different nations. So that some of the societies are using English as their national language to make their own nation to be more opened. Singapore is a good example. They use English as their national language with other 3 languages. So that Singaporean economy has highly developed. On the other hand, Singapore is facing the difficulties of finding their own language. SUMMARY This is about thinking affected by the global television. Thinking is the most important part that makes the individuals different and makes them have their own culture. In that way, global television effects on thinking in many ways. The good effects are global TV shows the other cultures so that they can know how it is like. Also, through the news, they show us what is happening in real life. However, if people thinking have changed to thinking that suits from different cultures, it might not be suitable when they behave in their country. SUMMARY This is about music life affected by the Internet. Internet is the connection of the different countries in the world, and it is also the fastest and most convenience way. It is using in all over the world so that different people can share the information and communicate with other. So that people share the songs and music information through some Internet sites. So that we can share our music cultures and accept new culture from others. SUMMARY Globalization helps to make the economies, technologies and businesses develop more quickly by the communication. Also, the communication can be happening more quickly by the globalization. This is about traditional activities affected by free movement. Free movement refers to lots of immigrations / emigrations. People can easily go to abroad for the better life or to experience new things. when people go to other countries, they also have opportunities to learn new cultures, and even the traditions. SUMMARY Thank You
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