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Ancient Hebrews Sixth Grade Social studies

The Laws, Monotheism, The impact on Western Civilization

michael tselner

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Hebrews Sixth Grade Social studies

From Freedom to Slavery and back to Freedom The Journey Of the Ancient Hebrews Abraham came from Mesopatamia He came to discover that there is One G-D.

He spread his teachings in that region and beyond.

His teaching have given root to the three major

monotheistic religions. His descendant were desperate for food and

journeyed to the rich fertile land of Egypt.

They became Slaves until a great Jewish

leader arose from with in the Egyptian

Aristocracy. The Ancient Hebrews and Jewish Tradition

considers the exodus from Egypt

and the Subsequent giving of the commandments

to be the central event that formed the nation. HE Journeyed
to Present Day
IsRAEL rosh hashana sukkot
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