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Steve Paddon Prezume

No description

Steve Paddon

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Steve Paddon Prezume

Today just became a very good day.

stephen.p.paddon@gmail.com Prezume for Steve Paddon

Profile of product management expertise
with deep start-up generalist experience Experience that established these Core Competencies

Product Management • Agile/Lean Project Management • Account Management
Mobile Web/Apps • Web/Mobile Analytics • Mobile Advertising• Mobile SEO
Adaptive Design • Responsive Design • HTML5 • PaaS/SaaS • SoLoMo This involved navigating multiple business models
and product offerings in the rapidly evolving mobile industry Through this Managed Services division, an impressive array of brand's
mobile initiatives were built on top of Trilibis' SmartPath platform. While managing the SmartPath product line, in 2007 I spun up and began overseeing a Managed Services division. The purpose was to accelerate SmartPath's adoption and ramp up revenues. + Redesign increased tickets sold through the mobile channel, exceeding expectations, and observed in first 3 months.

+ Winner of Best Mobile Website of 2011 by DIGIDAY’s Mobi Awards

+ 2012 Webby Awards Finalist mobile.fandango.com m.dictionary.com + First mobile dating site fully integrated into the website's back-end user database.

+ Grew into a self-sustaining business unit at Match.com, significantly contributing to company's bottom line.

+ Webby Finalist mobile.match.com v.6 - Web Server Software for Targeted HTML/CSS Post-Processing If you have received this presume from me, it is because I believe you have a product with extraordinary potential - that it could deliver truly meaningful, disruptive change through technology. But 'potential' just means the outcome has not yet been determined. My educational background is in engineering.
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Materials Science.
This has been a lot more useful in managing software products than you might think. Engineering at its core is a framework for how to
understand a problem at its root, determine what tools you have at your disposal to solve that problem, and how to implement a solution. Mechanical Engineering is the most diverse of the engineering disciplines. It requires that you apply problem solving skills to a variety of mediums, from the fluid dynamics behavior in supersonic flight to controlling nano-scale robots. Versatile problem solving skills make for a great career foundation, and is why I chose the major. Materials Science endeavors to marry applied science with solid chemistry. In this study, I learned that the deeper you push into this field, the more the classical models break down and behaviors become unpredictable. If you want to discover the next great material property, such as superconductivity or the non-stick of Teflon, you must understand how to iterate your research to find your way, because there is no map. Hmm. Sounds a lot like the life as a product manager in a technology company! In conclusion, if what you need is a creative and versatile analytically minded problem solver, as well as a dynamic, experience leader to direct and manage your product strategy, This involved navigating multiple business models
and product offerings in the fast-moving mobile software products industry. This involved navigating through multiple business models and product offerings in the rapidly changing mobile software products industry. Leveraging the technology developed to build a mobile-only social network, we productized it to help other companies scale cross-platform mobile products. This platform, SmartPath, has been the foundation technology for Trilibis since 2005, and is almost solely responsible for the company's reoccurring revenue base. I was responsible for driving this platform's roadmap. In first month after launch:

+ Double digit decrease in bounce rate
+ 1.5x increase in page views/user-mo (And since my SAT Verbal score was significantly higher than my SAT Math, it certainly wasn't the path of least resistance.) And I want to turn that potential into the big idea outcome. Why am I the one that will make this happen?
First, let's start with my foundation. After working in several engineering roles post college, I was invited to join a very small team to incubate a product division inside a very large consulting company. This was the company's first attempt at building and selling products. Thus began my product management education, trial by fire. After a couple of years in that role, the lure of the Silicon Valley start-up beckoned. I joined a very early stage mobile software company, and created the world's first mobile-only social network. This was in the Friendster heyday, and years before the first smartphones. I quickly learned that there is little difference between a bad idea and a great idea at the wrong time. The technology simply hadn't arrive to scale. That start-up experience provided a tremendous education on creating and managing software products. Within the growing start-up, I grew from a Program Manager to VP of Products and Services. v.1-4 - Cross-Platform Mobile Development Environment
(.NET installed software) v.5 Evolved to a SaaS product, Mobile Web focused Yes, those were radically different products, yet they all endeavored to solve a common problem: Simplifying content development for the fragmented mess that is the mobile ecosystem.

Those problems have also radically changed over the last 8 years. We had to be very nimble. And once we had a customer on board, they rarely left. Our average customer duration was 4 years. Here are snapshots of how the platform evolved: We provided the domain expertise and the ability to execute and maintain these brand's mobile initiatives.
Here are some highlights of products we delivered: Augmenting platform license sales, the Managed Services division delivered millions company's bottom line. who is also inspired by where you are going with your product, and is very passionate about getting you there, then... And our customers loved us. Our average customer duration was nearly four years.
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