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gib and the gray ghost

No description

emma bormann

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of gib and the gray ghost

Gib and the Gray Ghost Summary prezi by Emma B by Zilpha Keatley Snyder Character Genre Setting Opinion Gib and the Gray Ghost is a story about an orphaned boy and a wild horse he meets. Gibson Whittaker has been living at Lovell House since he was returned by Henry Thornton. Lovell House is a home for orphaned and abandoned boys. Gib had been taken in by the Thortons last year as a farm hand. Henry became ill and Gib had been return to Lovell House believing he would never find a new family.
Gib does get rescued from Lovell House after Henry dies. The Thortons come back to get Gib and ask him to come back and live with them not as a farm hand but as a member of the family. When Gib returns he sees this big gray horse during a snow storm. The gray horse has been badly beaten by a ranch hand and was very scared and did not trust any humans. Read this book if you want to find out if Gib can tame the great gray Ghost. this is the ghost this is Gib The main character is Gibson Whittaker also known as Gib. Gib is a ten year old orphaned boy who moves to the Thornton's farm. He loves horses and has his own horse there named Silky that he takes very good care of. Silky is a big black horse who is high spirited and takes alot of work to handle properly. He also gets to live with Livy who is the young daughter of Henry Thornton. Livy was younger then Gib but she liked to listen in on conversation and would sneak around to hear the best gossip. This story is considered historical fiction. It takes place during the early 1900s. The story is written about the authors father. He was an orphan that had been used as a farm hand. This book was written to show young people that they can overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. The setting of the book Gib and the Gray Ghost is set in rural Nebraska. Gib is modeled after the authors father. Her father was an orphan and had been used as a farm hand. This story took place before a lot of modern conveniences were available. The Thortons still used horses for transportation. I liked the book Gib and the Gray Ghost. It is a great book to read if you like to read about animals. Reading about how Gib learns to work with Gray Ghost is very interesting. If you like stories about animals than you will like reading this book. This is the cover
of the book This is another dapple gray.
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