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Adolescent Culture

Culture and subculture as they influence adolescent life

nancy foltz

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Adolescent Culture

Adolescent Culture describes the way adolescents think, behave and live
(Dolgin & Rice, 2008, p. 298) in some ways, it reflects adult culture social economic religious educational in other ways, it's different as in sexual behaviors . . . and use of marijuana the culture has influence on: the way adolescents dress
social behaviors, like grouping into
cliques or crowds
sexual behaviors that are at odds with
their parents' values
drug use that varies within the
culture and subculture and: popular music,
movie stars,
and trends technology gives instant access
to adolescent culture televsion
social networking
cell phones . . . and Subculture* * a group whose values and lifestyle are contrary
to mainstream society (Dolgin & Rice, 2008) the Goth subculture Clothing: black, Victorian, eroticized
The look: black lipstick and nail polish
Lifestyle: fascinated with darkness and the macabre
Pop culture: bands - Bauhaus, the Cure
horror fiction and movies
Ideology: individualism, tolerance for diversity,
including sexual diversity (Smith, 2011) the Skateboarding subculture Clothing: t-shirts, baggy pants, backwards baseball hats
The look: male, urban and edgy
Lifestyle: pushed away from the mainstream, their sport
is a form of rebellion
Pop culture: bands - the Offspring, Dropkick Murphys
Thrasher magazine
Ideology: "antischool, anti-MTV, anti-SaraLee pound cake"
("Skateboarding," 2011) Adolescent culture eventually morphs
into adult culture (two examples) and yesterday's hippies
= today's adults
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